10 best Search Engine Optimization marketing strategies | Website ranking


1. Publish blog posts regularly:

Content will always be the king of SEO activities in the next few years. Search engine optimization content marketing should be your site’s main search engine optimization strategy. Information sharing can help your users become familiar with your brand, concepts, products and services, and the changing trends in the industry. Updating your website with new content also gives you the opportunity to focus on more relevant keywords for optimization.

Therefore, publishing blog posts regularly is one of the key SEO marketing strategies, it will help you to check the website ranking of many keywords. If it is not 5 posts, you should post at least 3 blog posts every week. Publishing quality blog posts provides multiple SEO goals, as follows:

a) Image optimization:

As we all know, Google will also index images in search results. When a user clicks on the image link, you may see the visitor. You need to add the keyword “Alt Tag” to all blog images. Blog images should be in JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WebP and SVG formats accepted by Google.

b) Internal link:

This is one of the main SEO factors for your website optimization. Google will consider establishing the correct interconnection structure for your website. The blog helps you do this. You can publish many blog posts suitable for your product or service. For all these blog posts, you should provide links to related blog posts or homepages or product and service pages previously published on the same topic. By doing this, you can ensure that your visitors participate in your own website and eventually register your product or service. This also helps interested readers gather more knowledge about the same topic or other related topics.

For example, if you are a digital marketing blogger and also happen to work for a digital marketing agency, then your SEO marketing strategy will publish blog posts and blog posts on specific topics related to social media marketing strategies. Add a link to your social media marketing service page.

c) Get backlinks:

If you happen to be an experienced blogger in a powerful domain and have written high-quality blog posts before, then you can better rank your website in the top rankings of all relevant search terms in Google search results.

After reading, you must be very excited and want to know how it is possible.

Yes, this search engine optimization goal is achievable because your blog posts have a chance to spread the virus. Therefore, your unique blog post may attract other bloggers to write blog posts on similar topics. They may add links to your website on their blog posts. They are ”  natural backlinks  “, which help to effectively improve website rankings for all major keywords.

At present, through all the latest algorithm updates, Google has provided more motivation for higher quality third-party publishing websites to obtain natural backlinks. Obtaining high-quality backlinks from these sites can increase the trust and reputation of your site. It also helps to improve domain management rights for your website.

For example, if you are a well-known sports blogger and you have written a high-quality blog post on the ongoing World Cup football match in 2018, there may be sports blog sites such as Sports Keda or any other well-known Of online sports magazines provide backlinks to your website from blog posts written on the same topic.

d) Optimize for more keywords:

As mentioned earlier, Blogging will periodically allow you to optimize for more competitive keywords related to your category. This means that many other blog posts will be indexed in the Google search engine for many keywords calculated by different users. In addition, if your blog post matches the user’s intentions, then your website may rank first in Google. This helps increase your organic traffic.

2. Improve your page site structure:

Your website’s indexing ability should be the main criterion for optimizing search engine websites. If a search engine robot or search engine crawler can’t crawl your website, then it doesn’t make sense to run your website. Because Google cannot send its representative to many website owners to check whether their website structure exists.

Do you think it is too far-fetched?

So, this is why all webmasters need to add XML Sitemaps and Robots.txt to your website. This way you can let search engine spiders know which pages to track and index and which pages you want to ban or not be indexed.

In addition, if you have an e-commerce website, or it has many pages, then you need to create an HTML sitemap as a directory that allows your users to easily navigate from one page to another.

URL structure is another important on-page search engine optimization criterion that you need to consider, because search engines will be able to understand the purpose of a web page and index the search terms that users enter in their search engine directory accordingly. According to SEO best practices, we need a URL structure with readable spacing symbols, no mixing, no numbers, keywords and proper layering process.

From the perspective of ease of navigation, having breadcrumb navigation is also useful for users to navigate from one page to another. It shows the proper hierarchical flow from household to main category to its subcategories and back.

In addition to the On-Page SEO activities mentioned above, there are some more important SEO recommendations that need to be put into practice. They include improving your website loading time , adding custom 404 error codes , 301 redirects and canonical tags to avoid duplicate content issues.

3. Page content is required:

As we all know, adding a lot of page content as well as main keywords and LSI keywords on the homepage and product pages can ensure that your website will rank in the Google search engine after one month of your SEO activities.

Whether it is a small business website or a start-up company, you need to add 4 to 5 paragraphs of description about your brand using 5 relevant keywords. Similarly, you need to perform the same operations on the product and service pages. It is important to note that using primary keywords only for title tags and meta descriptions does not guarantee the top keyword ranking position. It is also important to add the same LSI keywords to the page content .

This tried-and-tested search engine optimization method should help your website achieve a steady increase in keyword ranking and overall website visibility.

We have seen improvements in customer website rankings and all the main keywords we follow. Remember, it takes at least one to three months for the progress of keyword ranking to see it reach the first two pages of the Google search engine.

But you must convince your clients to implement this important SEO content strategy, which will help your website search engine optimization in the long run.

4. Optimize a large list of keywords:

For any type of website in a variety of categories, it is very useful to focus on numerous relevant keywords that will help improve your website’s ranking. As a webmaster, you should not consider the cost factor and choose only a few keywords, because you provide your website with some good keyword ranking opportunities.

One thing you should also remember is that there are many other competitors optimized for the same keywords. Therefore, there may be an opportunity to see your website ranking decline. To avoid this situation, you should optimize more than 50 keywords. Therefore, you should at least ensure that your website ranks among many other top keywords, and that website traffic remains stable and increases every month.

In addition to the main keywords, LSI keywords also play an important role in improving website ranking. Google will track the relevance of your website and synonyms keywords, if it matches the user’s intent, then it will be beneficial to your website search engine optimization.

You can use the Google keyword planning tool and Uber Suggest to conduct correct keyword research. This gives you the opportunity to explore a large number of search terms that use them for website optimization. You should also analyze the websites of your competitors to see if you are missing some keywords that might be optimized.

Google Trends is another option for keyword research. Although this is a common procedure followed by many SEO professionals, I find that Google Trends is not important. For most search terms and locations, it hardly displays any data or variables. Personally, I would not recommend it.

Maybe Google wants to make the life of SEO professionals more difficult and difficult. who knows? This is just my crazy guess. I am happy to let readers share their views on this in the comments section.

5. Conduct a comprehensive competitor analysis: 

Your SEO campaign will not just start and end with your website optimization. It should be extended to a comprehensive competitor analysis. You might think that focusing on keyword targeting and backlinks should be enough to increase your website’s ranking and increase organic traffic every month.

But this is not how it works. Your competitor’s website may have a different user interface that can provide a better user experience. Therefore, they may spend more time browsing your competitor’s website than yours.

Therefore, you should analyze the websites of your main competitors to see how you can improvise special plug-ins on your website, instead of copying all the features on your website. This can cause problems for your website. One way to conduct competitor analysis is to check which of your competitors currently rank higher than you in all important keywords. Therefore, choose the best idea that can be implemented by your resources.

Another important competitor analysis for your SEO campaign is to check where they get high-quality backlinks. This analysis can be done with the help of popular SEO tools, such as Ahrefs, Moz Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO Tool, etc.

By doing this regularly, you can see more results as your campaign continues to rank for SEO.

6. Add Rich Snippets:

Rich Snippets are now considered a powerful part of your SEO campaign. Whenever a user types a query, a list of websites matching the query will appear. Some of them will appear structured data markup, showing the different pages that exist on your website. This type of Rich Snippets provides a “Sneak Preview” for your website. Implementing this SEO marketing strategy can help your website get a higher click-through rate and attract more users’ attention to your website instead of competitors. These amazing results may satisfy your users’ intentions.

Rich Snippet is very useful for B2B and B2C categories of e-commerce, real estate, education and training, and multi-product and service websites. It helps these sites increase user engagement and create more potential conversion opportunities. This also helps to improve the benefits of SEO, because SERP itself highlights product information.

Rich Snippet can also take the form of star reviews. This can help your users understand your brand and products. It will generate trust among your new users, who may want to recognize your brand. Google lists those sites with high trust.

7. Quora marketing: 

Quora is an important platform to attract more visitors to your website. This Q&A forum has a good DA, and Google lists any links in the top 10 that match a specific keyword in its SERP. You should remember that using this platform is not for website promotion reasons. Instead, you should solve the problem by answering queries posted by Quora participants and provide links to your website or blog posts in order to provide additional information to those involved in the discussion.

This helps to see more website traffic and brand awareness. You should participate in Quora discussions at least 20 times a day.

8. Local SEO: 

In the modern SEO world, most experts advocate local SEO as one of the main factors for your website optimization. If you have a website and the business is limited to a target audience limited to a specific location, then you should focus your SEO activities on that location. This means that keywords, blog posts, page content, title tags, meta descriptions and URLs should all be localized.

For example : If you run a social media training website and you happen to be regularly organizing social media marketing seminars in Chennai, then you must use keywords specific to Chennai’s location. If you use keywords that include pan-India, your chances of ranking the highest on your website will decrease. Because users searching for social media seminars elsewhere in the country will not click on your link because it would be expensive for them to travel to Chennai from elsewhere.

From the perspective of blog content, the content must be local, because different locations present different business opportunities, tastes and preferences.

This search engine optimization method is most suitable for websites in the field of hotels, tourism management and B2B.

9. Blog expansion:

After posting a business blog on your website, it will not end there. The process needs to be further advanced by promoting your blog posts in social media platforms, email marketing, social bookmarking and influencer marketing. This search engine optimization activity ensures that the word spreads and expands to a wider audience.

10. Create a new landing page: 

If you want to provide multiple products or services, you need to create more landing pages. According to search engine optimization best practices, the ratio of code to text is an important factor in making your website rank in Google search. 24% is an acceptable number.

In order to achieve this goal, you should create a new landing page with unique content to learn more about the product and brand. This creates an opportunity for you to target more keywords, increase the number of internal links, and help increase website traffic organically.

In short, all the search engine optimization marketing strategy is to do something that makes your site in Google’s good to see more and more of the best practices of keyword ranking page, see high-quality traffic-related, and Seeing your business grow at all.

But we must remember that the road to prosperity for SEO marketing activities is a time-consuming process, but the ripples your online business creates on the Internet are eternal. In SEO, sphere is the sum of all SEO activities and is not limited to a single structure.

Because SEO is a constantly changing world, you need to keep it updated so that you can adapt to these changes.



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