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Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for the sale/marketing of a product to an individual or organization. Affiliates simply look for the product they enjoy, then promote that product, and they earn a portion of profits from each product sale. Sales are tracked through affiliate links from one website to another.  

We all know more or less what marketing is. Marketing is going to market to buy new clothes and shoes for girlfriends on Eid. Isn’t it? In fact, no, marketing is the promotion of a product or service, and the buyer of that product. When you do this marketing online, it will be “digital marketing”. When you use this “digital marketing” skill to sell and promote your product or service, it will be internet marketing. And when you use your digital marketing skills to promote someone else’s product or service on a commission basis, it will be affiliate marketing.  

Is affiliate marketing for you?  

Find out now if affiliate marketing will be a good career for you. I will write something below, if all of them match you, then affiliate marketing is for you. If none of these match, as long as you can’t match that thing, you will be stuck with that one to be a good marketer.  

  • My computer is like my mind, I enjoy working on this computer.  
  • My internet line is unlimited and I can easily watch videos without pasting on YouTube.  
  • I have a printer  
  • I have a separate workplace, and no one disturbs me at work.  
  • I like to dream, and I am willing to work tirelessly to make dreams come true.  
  • My English is very good, I can easily understand what I hear, and I can write English without any problems.  
  • I like to study and research on new topics.  
  • Even the most subtle mistakes do not escape my eyes, which I do very well.  
  • I value my career more than friends, chats, games, hanging out.  
  • I never give up, when I start a job, I finish it.  
  • I can work at least 3 hours a day in affiliate marketing.  
  • I have 20-25 thousand rupees in my hand, which is no problem if I lose while learning.
  • Flame is more important to me than earning money right now in affiliate marketing.
  • It is good to know the relationship between the human mind, mentality and customer (Phycology).
  • I can find detailed information about anything from Google.
  • Greed doesn’t do much in me. I don’t believe in getting rich quick.  
  • I know I can, I am completely confident, this time of year ahead I will show up to be a successful marketer.     

 If all goes well with you, good luck to you, you will be successful in affiliate marketing.

Before you start affiliate marketing, you need to know 3 topics

1. What is a Niche?

Niche is simply called “industry”. As you can see in the market – clothes shop, food shop, gym, beauty parlor etc. You know, the internet also has food websites, dress websites, various beauty products, etc. Now, just as the food store is in the “food industry”, so is the “food’s website” in the “food niche”. “Niche” in the language of industry and online in offline.

Niche is also a category of various websites and products on the Internet. For example – “Career & Jobs” in this category will wear all kinds of job and career based websites, products, services. If you want to work with a career related product – for example, if you promote oDesk, then your niche is “Career & Jobs”. Note that many may think – oDesk will be in the Freelancing category / niche.

Yes, this is true, oDesk is actually in the “Freelancing / Outsourcing” niche, but at the same time also in “Career & Jobs”. Feeling a little twisted? That’s normal! There’s one thing about niches – it’s “sub niches.” If oDesk is a product then it will be niche – Career & Jobs> Freelancing / Outsourcing. In other words, the main niche is “Career & Jobs” and the sub niche is “Freelancing / Outsourcing”. Some more examples can be given such as – Food & Cooking> Recipies or Sports> Football> Shoes. The deeper you go inside a main niche (sub niche) the easier it will be for you to get started.  

2. How and where to get good quality commission-based products from your preferred niche for promotion

There are different marketplaces where you can find the product of your choice in the niche of your choice. If you do a little Google search, you will find at least 50 good quality affiliate marketplaces. But the best way to get started is, you can learn how to work at ClickBank from Bangladesh by watching this video.

You can also get started on Jvzoo, or on LinkShare. It doesn’t matter if you open an account in Marketplace or get started, you will find many videos by searching on YouTube. And if you want to get started on ClickSure, you can, but I think ClickBank is the best way to get started. You will find products in your mind in these marketplaces.  

3. How to earn commission by marketing that product online  

The correct answer to this little question I have been learning for 8 years now, I still don’t seem to have learned anything. I will tell you in very simple language and give you some ideas so that you can find out more about this from Google and youtube. You can market the product in two ways. One is direct marketing, which means sending customers directly to the product’s sales page.

The second is to conduct a sales funnel with the customer’s contact info, inform them about the quality of their product and then send it to the sales page of the product. I will discuss 2 methods later, but the method that does this – three things you need to know is 1. Customer Recognition (Traffic Targetting) Hope for their product page (Drive Traffic) 3. Conversion technique.    

How to start working in affiliate marketing?  

If you want to do direct marketing, which is a shortcut, or if you think before you try a little, if some cash “Narayan” comes, I will start well, then there is not much to say how to start. Select a product, and then send the traffic to that product page. And if you want to work like a real marketer, you want to make a career, then you must work in sales funnel. How and where to start working in affiliate marketing.

1. Preparation

If you want to be successful, you must first commit to yourself – “I will succeed at any cost.” Committed people are many times more successful than ordinary people. And you have to make this commitment from the heart, you tell me – I will succeed at any cost. Make a plan after committing – when to start work, how much money you have invested, how many hours a day to work, how many hours to work to learn, what websites to follow, etc. Bring all the work-related things in a plan, if you remember, you will forget it completely, so make a note of everything in the form of a plan first.

2. Nice selection

The most important thing is nice selection. If you can’t choose the perfect niche for you, the success rate will drop before you even start working! Many of us give the most importance to Nice Selection. Keyword Research, Market Analysis etc. All the complex issues are forgotten and one simple thing is “I like it”. It takes a lot of study to succeed in any job, and it is almost impossible to study a lot if your topic is not to your liking.

My personal opinion for Nice Selection is – more important than market research, competition, keywords, etc. – on what you like, what you can do, where your skills are. Example – you may be a web designer, your passion, profession, love all around coding and designing – but when it comes to side income, you are trying to work in affiliate “Make Money” !! You should choose the one you like best for your work – for example – if you are a web designer it will be good for you –

if you affiliate the theme / plugin. So select a nice one of your choice, if you need help, you can let us know in the comments what you like, what you do – I will give you suggestions.

3. Nice Authority

Everyone gets a click and some people get a sale – that’s because 🙂 Most of us go to the “click to get” battle by selecting a niche! If you want to get sales from your market, you need to have authority in that market, you need skills about that niche, and this skill will help you to create good quality content, write ads, create landing pages, follow up. After selecting Nice, give at least 14 days (2 weeks) to get Nice Authority.

Here’s how to get it – if you have a “weight loss” – then you will first find 5-6 good quality blogs, good quality articles will print all the roses and then take notes in the same way you read and take notes during the test. , Take note of whatever looks good. Watch the complete sales video of all the good quality products in the market, read the reviews, read the comments on the blog / video.

All in all, you will have a good idea, what kind of products are in the market, what kind of products people want, what are their problems, and what are the qualities of a product will help to solve that problem. Also when you know about your niche – good self-confidence will work, you will be able to do everything smoothly. Read on to learn about Nice for at least 2 weeks and then you will work on this step.

And after starting work, give at least 30 minutes every day to learn something new in Nice. It is better to print it whenever you see a good article, and wear it for 30 minutes every day. You may or may not take this seriously, but it’s true – you can’t do well if you don’t know your niche well, and your income won’t increase if you don’t learn new things about your niche every day. Do one more thing – when you see a good article, when you see a good ad – make a note of what you like and read it. One thing to keep in mind – no matter how little competition you have – there is no chance of doing well unless you know it, and you have a chance to do well no matter how much competition there is.  

4. Market Selection

To select Nice, select Marketplace. It is better to start working in one market than to work in many markets at once. This will make you feel more comfortable. There are many marketplaces but or is good to get started. Other marketplaces are,,,,,,, etc. You will find many tips / how to videos on the official YouTube channel of the marketplace in which you will work, you will get many benefits if you watch them.  

5. Product Selection

After fixing the marketplace, you go from the product category of the market to the category of your choice and see the products as customers. If you have 2 weeks for “Nice Authority”, then checking 10-15 products to find 1 good product is not for you. Good products never depend on “search” volume, good products have “clear benefit”, good quality sales pages, good support, and good reviews at the same time.

I have discussed the product selection in detail at the event, and in my Advanced Tutorial, I will be able to give an article on the blog soon. You can also search for “How to select / find a good / profitable product for affiliate marketing / promotion” on Google and YouTube.  

6. Sales Funnel

First of all, what is sales funnel? The sales funnel is basically a “funnel” jar that diverts traffic through the sales probability bar. For example, if a customer buys a hosting, if you send it directly to the sales page of the hosting, it is direct marketing, and if you create a page where you highlight the benefits of that hosting, you may have made some videos on how. You have to use hosting – if you watch those videos, and know them well, but then the potential customer’s motivation to buy will increase.

This is basically a sales funnel that will motivate the customer to buy any page or video or article before sending it to the sales page. It is normal to take 5 to 10 days to make a good quality sales funnel and it is also normal to spend $ 100 to $ 300. The better your sales funnel, the higher the return on investment. However, you can start with a little, such as Fiverr with just $ 5, you can create a Squueze Page if you want.   The video landing page works best as a sales funnel, followed by a micro blog, then a normal landing page. And it is better if you can make a website / blog and link the video landing page with the article of your blog.

After selecting a good product, you need to create a sales funnel. You can make a landing page by watching my video number 1. I designed a landing page in the video. If you can’t design well yourself, you can design your landing page from Fiverr / oDesk / eLance / Guru. And if you watch the Authority Niche Blogging tutorial, you will learn how to work by linking the landing page with the blog.  

7. Tracking, Split Test, Optimization

Before investing in a sales funnel, you must test how your funnel is converted. You can optimize your landing page for better conversions by buying a little more traffic. You can use Google Analytics, or to track traffic, you can find out which traffic you are getting more Subscriber / Lead from using this software.

You can split the same sales funnel with different images / content / videos and see which header / video / content is being converted the most. is a simple software to do split test, 1000 to 2000 clicks of good quality is enough for the test and by doing these tests you can easily optimize your sales funnel.  

8. Traffic

After testing and getting a good sales funnel (good means at least 40% subscribers are available) then you will bring traffic to that funnel. We all think that “traffic” means everything – wrong. A good sales funnel is everything, because if you invest in a good sales funnel, the return comes, and if you invest in a bad sales funnel, the click will come but the cell will not come.

I’ve made some videos on how to drive traffic to my YouTube channel. Here are some tips – if you want free traffic, blog comments, being active in related forums, Yahoo Answer is good, but the best is social media marketing. If you want paid traffic, PPC is good, and there are some good sites for PPC –,,,,, you can also read this article by Sean Hayes “The Top 22 Pay-Per-Click PPC Advertising Network ”.

In addition, if you search “Top PPC networks” on google, you will find many more. In addition, good quality traffic is available from Banner Ad (Media Buy), it is better to give ads directly by contacting good blogs, but you can use Media Buy marketplace if you want. There are some good Media Buy / Sell Market –,,,, etc.

You can also use PPV, CPV, CPVR, SOLO, SWIPE, Mobile Traffic, Agency etc. traffic methods for paid traffic. If you want you can do SEO on your blog by creating a blog, it will definitely be included in the paid traffic because doing SEO in a good way will cost you $ 500 – $ 1000. If you want to do SEO, you can hire an SEO Expert from oDesk / eLance, they are on the first page of Google, which means you can definitely give a good SEO service.

There are currently a total of 28 traffic methods, all of which work well, but good marketers master a few traffic methods. You do that, you work in 1 or 2 methods, and stick to it, gradually that one method will give you as much traffic as you need. Like all my traffic comes from CPVR, and this is a method I use all the time. Again, many are just working on FB PPC, all his traffic is coming from that one. So you can choose any 1 traffic method to get started – it is better to start working on any PPC network.  

9. Constant Monitoring & Improving

A good marketer monitors every detail of every moment of his campaign. You should always check using Adtracksgold or similar software – which ad is getting more leads from which traffic source, which landing page is converting better, how many EPCs of a product, which CPC of yours – all these things should always be monitored. , And if anyone feels bad, immediately stops the campaign where the problem needs to be fixed.

No sales funnel earns a lifetime, every sales funnel has a term, if you see the campaign is now profitable to sleep with oil on the nose after waking up it may not be profitable! A good way to increase profits is not to lose. If you can, buy a tab or a good mobile phone where you can install all the apps you need, such as “GetResponse”, “Google Analytics”, etc., as well as bookmark all the work websites on the home screen, as if the status of the campaign at any time. Nayar understands this.   You can start this way, but you need the experience to make a profit, and you will get it after working for at least 3-4 months.  

How does affiliate marketing work?

To participate in an affiliate marketing program, you need to take these five easy steps:   1. Look for and join an affiliate program 2. Choose an offer to promote 3. Collect one affiliate link for each offer 4. Share these links on your blog, social media platform, or website 5. Collect the commission after purchasing a product from someone using your links   Commission rates vary dramatically, depending on the company and the offer. At a minimum, you can earn about 5% of sales, but if you adopt some promotion strategies, you can earn around 5% in the promotion of a class or event.  

How to Affiliate Marketing Paid:   1. Pay Per Sale 2. Pay Per Lead 3. Make money per click

Get Started Affiliate Marketing Program:   If you are thinking of starting affiliate marketing, you need to find a network. Not every company has affiliate programs. Some merchants operate their own affiliate programs and others use an affiliate network.   Here are some of the most popular affiliate marketing sites:  

1. ShareASale Affiliates

2. Amazon Associates

3. eBay Partners

4. Shopify Affiliate Program

5. Clickbank

6. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates

7. Leadpages Partner Program

8. StudioPress Affiliate Website

9. CJ Affiliate Publisher’s Program

10. Bluehost Affiliate Program

11. ConvertKit Affiliate Program

12. MaxBounty Affiliate Network

13. Google AdSense



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