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Artificial intelligence has to stop and refer to robots and machines that were made in science fiction films. This is because this technology has long been a convenience to humans and has helped solve problems such as predicting natural disasters, measuring the cleanliness of the air we breathe, and making quick diagnoses. The price of illness and many other aspects.

As development progresses on issues such as health, the environment, urban mobility, rural strengthening, and business efficiency, this year’s bet is to accelerate development with a clear focus on wellbeing.

In addition, Red Hat experts believe that 2020 will be the year when the effects of AI are examined. For example, Gartner estimates that by 2021 at least 25 billion “things” will be connected and generate large amounts of data.

Artificial intelligence, therefore, applies to various information about the Internet of Things such as video, images, voice, network traffic activity, and sensor data. The technological landscape of artificial intelligence is very complex and will continue until 2023 when many IT providers appear. Despite this complexity, it is still possible to use artificial intelligence in various IoT situations. I get good results.

Machine learning is important and a multiplier for data analysis, with which the large amounts of data that we collect and fully use are learned and explained in large amounts. The benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning will be reflected in three dimensions in 2020: speed, scalability, and convenience. You can analyze large amounts of data together without causing a human error and create intuitive, easy-to-use, and reliable analysis tools.

Artificial intelligence has now developed many different branches, and the technical principles are also diverse. Only the most popular deep learning is introduced here. The technical principle of deep learning is completely different from the logic of traditional software:   The machine summarizes the law from the “specific” large amount of data, sums up some “specific knowledge”, and then applies this “knowledge” to the real scene to solve the actual problem. This is the essential logic of the development of artificial intelligence to this stage. The knowledge summarized by artificial intelligence is not like traditional software, it can be expressed intuitively and accurately. It is more like the knowledge learned by humans, and it is more abstract and difficult to express.  

Artificial intelligence is a tool

AI is the same as the hammer, car, computer … we use, and its essence is a tool. Tools must be used by someone to realize value. If they exist independently, they are worthless. They want to be like a hammer in a toolbox. No one wields it without any value.

The reason why such a tool as artificial intelligence is said by the whole society is that it greatly expands the capabilities of traditional software. There were many things that computers couldn’t do before, but now AI can do it.  

Thanks to Moore’s Law, the computer’s capabilities have increased exponentially. As long as the computer can solve the part of participation, the productivity has been greatly improved, and artificial intelligence allows more links to catch up with Moore’s Law, so this change Is of great significance. But no matter how it changes, traditional software and artificial intelligence are tools that exist to solve practical problems. This has not changed.  

Artificial intelligence only solves specific problems

“Terminator”, “The Matrix” … Many movies have appeared robots against the sky, this movie gives everyone a feeling: artificial intelligence seems to be omnipotent. The actual situation is: artificial intelligence is still in the stage of a single task.  

Single task mode

Landline for making phone calls, game console for playing games, MP3 for listening to music, navigation for driving …  

Multitasking mode  

This stage is similar to a smartphone. You can install a lot of apps and do many things on one phone. However, these abilities are still independent of each other. After booking a flight ticket on the travel app, you need to use the alarm clock app to set the alarm clock, and finally, you need to use the taxi app to call the car. A multi-task mode is just a superposition of single-task mode, which is far from human intelligence.

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