Blockchain can make the government more efficient

Blockchain can make the government more efficient

In fact, when looking at the subversion of technology, you can’t just look at the technology, and ignore all the external factors, time-space background, and historical evolution. For an optimistic technology embracer, I really believe in what blockchain may bring. Freedom and liberation are like I believed in Open Source many years ago.

Why do I say that blockchain is better for government operations?
When confirming all services, they have to constantly ask a central authority to check the accuracy of various data or user data.

In the case of a smart city, it means that when users apply for various services or do various services, they have to constantly access services through the way of “disclosing their identities and resources”, both online and offline. There may be no major problems for a while, but it is tantamount to continuously increasing the risk of information flow and information security leakage.

And because of the characteristics of “blockchain”, it is very likely to play a very good role in improving the efficiency and service quality of smart government and protecting users’ personal assets.

after the blockchain, there is an opportunity to moderately off load the service confirmation exchange layer to the ledger, and then we can see that various services in the past may be subject to the authority and responsibility unit (Xx Center) To confirm the service qualification, the demand for off load can be greatly reduced through the distributed ledger, which reduces the overall operating cost, and the operating efficiency can also be increased, and even the possible flow of personal information Significantly reduced.

If an appropriate public chain is adopted, the qualification confirmation of the service can even be easily extended to different countries without the need to increase much infrastructure. For example, if you need to confirm whether you are eligible for an international driver’s license overseas, you can easily confirm it in this way without directly going through the supervision unit of your country.

For example, if you want to apply for a library card for different libraries in a country, you probably have to apply for it individually, fill in the relevant personal information and provide proof of identity. Think about it, you may just apply for the simplest library card and you have to account for all kinds of you You have to do different services again. Although it can be directly accessed with some KYC services, such a structure may not be a problem if it only talks about the island of Taiwan, but now that the world is connected through the Internet, such a KYC service structure is too heavy, And cannot be applied to exchanges between different countries.

Due to the functional design of the internal service itself, naturally more silos have been formed. After adding a capital protection law, you originally left some assets in a unit to apply for services. When you arrive at other units, you have to fill in repeatedly, which is also troublesome for the government. Due to the premise of data protection, the connection of various service materials has become difficult, which has become a very interesting phenomenon in the digital world.

Businesses know you better than the government

In fact, in today’s world, the problem of Data silo is quite serious and huge. This will occur if no higher-level thinking books are introduced in the process of digitization or digital transformation. Smart as Google has used these various methods to connect these Data Silo together. In the early years, you will find it quite convenient, and you will easily have a sense of trust in Google. After all, this is a Don’t be Evil For cultural companies.

It’s just that with the passage of time, Google is getting bigger and bigger, and the convenience created for users in an instant has become a huge burden (Liability), and even a huge threat to the traditional government.

After all, even the government doesn’t necessarily understand his people that way, but Google plus Facebook has an unimaginable understanding of his users, and it’s not a country, but across several continents, understanding billions. The above users, and it is difficult to monitor, this is an intolerable thing for the government.

When the government is willing to start from the perspective of “privacy” and “protection of human rights,” new evolutions have begun, such as the EU’s GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) officially launched on the road, that is definitely a big step forward, and it should be supported.

Starting from the basis of people-oriented and privacy protection to make “digital transformation” and construct real digital world behavior (Digital Twin), as well as business behavior based on this basic principle, for many companies now, it may find it very troublesome. Affected, but this incident is definitely short and long, and it can even be said to be a rare window of opportunity.

For companies or start-ups that want to innovate boldly, this is definitely an excellent opportunity to build a new business based on human rights and privacy.

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