Must be recognized in order to defeat the enemy

The SARS-coronavirus infection occurred in 2002. At that time, 6,000 infected people were identified. 600 people died. The death rate was 10 percent. The...

Apple-Google joint venture to control an epidemic

Apple and Google are working together to create a technology that can alert you if you have recently come in contact with a person...

Preventing the spread of coronavirus | Mobile activity and network

Travel information is now more accurately available than at any time in history - primarily from telecom services. Symbolic photography information is now more...

People use of technology in epidemic situations

Home delivery service using dronesThe country's strongest home delivery service has played a key role in preventing the spread of the coronavirus to China....

The world is now facing a new crisis

The cause of this crisis is the invisible enemy, no one is free from its clutches now. But our preparation for dealing with it...

The symptoms of children in Corona | When admitted to hospital

According to data from China, COVID-19 is less deadly in children than in adults. Even its symptoms are somewhat different in children than in...
globally-home-for-corona-infected-people picture

Globally home for corona infected people

The number of coronavirus patients is increasing globally. That is why the crowds in the hospitals for sample testing and treatment are increasing every...
Continue the educational activities in coronavirus

Continue the educational activities in coronavirus pandemic

The conscience of a nation is its universities. And the closure of the university means that the conscience of the nation is asleep and...
New coronavirus picture

New Corona virus pandemic | Public rumors and facts

New corona virus virus can spread to hot and humid areasAccording to the evidence obtained so far, New corona virus virus can spread to...
International Olympic Committee and the WHO partnership picture

International Olympic Committee and the WHO partnership

On Olympic Day, June 23, 2020, the International Olympic Committee and the WHO launched a partnership to encourage individuals and communities around the world...
Medical staff fighting against the new crown

Medical staff fighting against the new crown

When SARS struck in 2003, China adopted a method of unconditional'national mobilization' to share risks among members of society. After the crisis, many people...
World Health Organization Warns picture

The World Health Organization warns to young’s

The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that young people are at risk of corona virus and should be wary of spreading the virus among...

Aware symptoms of Corona | Do you?

The novel Corona virus, which has become an epidemic, is spreading panic all over the world, along with innumerable rumors. Early symptoms of Covid-19...

Coronavirus: How to do office work from home?

The procession of the dead is not stopping in the deadly coronavirus. As it spreads all over the world, everyone is suffering from Corona...
Vitamin D deficiency picture

Vitamin D deficiency and its association with corona

Vitamin D is an essential element for the development of our bones and muscles. We can make the necessary vitamin for 10 to 15...
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