Clone yourself

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Clone yourself as a 3D-Printed 

As a time-consuming recording method, “selfie” has become popular, but in the next decade, it will be a much bigger and even smaller challenge: 3D printing hours.   Düsseldorf 3D is a technology company dedicated to 3D printing dedicated to creating unique copies of 3D images called “doob”. 3D Printer Michael Anderson says the 3D printing process is easy. Enter 3D scanner “Dual Dock” in an octagonal room with 54 digital cameras. Positioning head to heel directly, this camera can instantly capture 360-degree photos.  

A 3D printed bridge using ocean 3D within 14 hours

“After the picture, we use a process called photography. This process takes an image at the same time, then we can convert it to a higher resolution file. The software can quickly convert these images into expensive 3D files that are too expensive, “explained Anderson.” Then we are able to convert them to the latest product. ”      

Doob-3D has one of the first fully immersive tubes that can be 3D printed, computerized, modeling, and printing. Printing is a manufacturing process that combines polymer factories and containers to create, borrow, and color images.   “This is a very slow process and is a little different from what people usually think when they see 3D printing. The printing itself can take 18 hours,” Anderson said. I published several versions at the same time. As a result, I really found a white dust box and dug into different shapes in that box and dust. These various modes are in the last box. ”  

Bionic hands were produced within 3 hours with 3D printing

Can the future of 3D printers be a gateway from self-portraits to artificial intelligence?   “As you know, when it comes to artificial intelligence and the ideas that can attract this kind of demand and 3D printing, it’s about personalization and customization,” Anderson told Fox News. “Of course, the two will be merged. When you think about it, 3D printing and graphics are just one voice in our technology.   “Shortly after 3D scanning, we actually captured the advanced digital version.

We can see a very important long-term relationship between AI and a user of this type of fraud,” he said. Added.   In response to the opioid crisis, Kentucky high school students have established a data needle to help manage 3D printing devices.   Most clients try to capture a specific time in their lives. They make their own cake decorations and the look of their children as they grow older. It will be a personal item on your shelves. The days of wallpaper are over, and the days of 3D characters on shelves are now over.

Why should we oppose cloning


In 1996, British scientists cloned Dolly sheep using the somatic cells of an adult sheep. A few scientists in Western countries insisted on cloning people using cloning technology. Since then, it has aroused opposition from most countries and scientists in the international community. This lamb, which is exactly the same as its “gene mother”, was born not through fertilization, but from the fusion of the genetic material of the “gene mother” and the nucleus of the “borrowing mother”, and then moved into the womb of the “surrogate mother” to grow Developed. The genetic characteristics of Dolly sheep are exactly the same as the provider of the nucleus, so some people call cloning as “duplication.”

The cultivation of clone sheep is a great success of science, so why do many people oppose human cloning? Because human cloning involves serious ethical, legal, and social issues.

A direct reason is that “human cloning” will disrupt the normal ethical relationship of society. The family is the cell of society, and the ethical positioning of parents and children in modern nuclear families is clear. If a clone person appears in a family, he (she) is neither like a child nor a brother, because the clone person’s genotype is the same as that of the somatic cell donor, and the intergenerational relationship will be seriously misplaced. The clones themselves also have psychological problems such as “who am I” and “where do I come from”. If there are too many clones and “one side of a thousand people” appear, it will have a huge impact on the harmony and stability of society.

The creation, promotion, and application of any science and technology must first look at whether it is beneficial to the survival and development of human society. The research of cloning technology should benefit human beings, and the abuse of cloning technology or even the study of cloning humans will bring huge disaster to human society. Therefore, we must firmly oppose human cloning.



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