Common steps for SEO website optimization


1. Select old domain names to accelerate the inclusion

It is very important to choose a good old domain name. It will make your website go through the novice phase faster and even inherit the weight of the previous website. Generally speaking, the new domain name will have a 6-month observation period, that is to say, the site that has just been launched will be within Baidu’s observation period within the first 6 months. Baidu will not particularly trust your site and will not give you a comparison. Good ranking. By purchasing an old domain name, you can quickly pass the 6-month observation period and directly obtain a good stable ranking, at least helping you save almost 6 months. Regarding how to choose an old domain name, there are already many solutions on the Internet, you can check it on Baidu.

2. Make a good website title

Many companies don’t know how to write a good title, and I often do SEO optimization for companies. It is very wrong to see that they give the title of the website directly to “XXX Ltd.”.

The title has two core functions:

  1. Cover keywords, the title of the title is very high in SEO optimization, after all, it is also the content that users see at first glance. A good title can greatly help keyword rankings.
  2. Tell search engines what you do? You directly start a company name, how do search engines know what you do, and how to give you traffic? There are also a lot of keywords in the title of the website, all of which are a bunch of keywords. Baidu is considered cheating and the website will be demoted.

For example Shenzhen International Express_Shenzhen International Logistics_International Express Company_International Logistics Company_International Air Freight Agent.

In fact, Baidu officially said how to start the title:

The title of the webpage is used to tell the user and the search engine what the main content of the webpage is. When the search engine judges the weight of webpage content, the title is one of the main reference information. We suggest that the title of the webpage can be described like this:
Homepage: Website name_Provide service introduction or product introduction, control in about 25 words Channel page:
Channel name_site name Article page: Article title Channel name Site name.

3. Tap the blue sea keywords

Keywords are the basis of SEO optimization. Users enter your website by entering search keywords, so the more keywords your layout, the higher the accuracy, the better the keyword ranking, and the greater your traffic. All SEO optimization steps and techniques are for keywords to get a good ranking. But the keywords are not randomly selected. You’d better choose keywords with blue ocean and potential.
How to excavate and select potential keywords in the blue ocean? Through competitors’ websites or keyword derivatives.

Those who do SEOer know that there are some tools on the Internet that can help companies mine keywords. For example, through the company commander tool, it is not difficult to see all the keywords, corresponding titles, rankings, keyword popularity, and optimization space on a website. Wait, the data is clear at a glance. Analyze the websites of several competitors and download all their keywords (you can download them after registration). Then pick out some keywords that are suitable for you and lay them out on the website. Even if you have the ability, we suggest laying out as many keywords as possible.

It is also possible to input a key word obtained into the long-tail word expansion tool to perform a large number of long-tail words expansion.

4. Layout reasonable content around keywords

Users search for keywords, ultimately to solve the needs of users, and detailed and high-quality content can solve the needs of users. This is also the reason why Zhihu gets millions of traffic from Baidu every day. The content is related to keywords, and the better the content, the higher the ranking.

What is site relevance? for example:
In the Baidu patent “CN109271580A-Search method, device, client, and search engine-public” in November 2018, Baidu mentioned an example:
When the search information is “Andy Lau” , after extracting the semantic features of the search information, it can be determined that the semantic features of the search information can be “Andy Lau”, “Zhu Liqian”, etc., if the content page does not include “Andy Lau”, ” “Zhu Liqian”, the content page is less relevant to the search information, and the page quality is poor.

Of course, there are some other dimensions of content quality, Baidu official explained:

  1. Time-sensitive and valuable pages: here, timeliness and value are side by side and are indispensable. Some sites have done a lot of collection work in order to produce time-sensitive content pages, resulting in a bunch of worthless pages, which Baidu is not willing to see.
  2. High-quality thematic pages: The content of thematic pages is not necessarily completely original, that is, it can integrate the content of all parties well, or add some fresh content, such as opinions and comments, to give users more comprehensive and comprehensive content.
  3. High-value original content page: Baidu defines originality as an article formed after a certain cost and a large amount of experience. Don’t ask us whether the pseudo original is original.
  4. Important personal page: Here is just one example. Kobe opened an account on Sina Weibo. Even though he does not update it frequently, it is still an extremely important page for Baidu.

5. Friendly links and external links

External links are voting. Other people’s sites will vote for your website. The more people vote for you, theoretically the higher the authority, the more trustworthy your website is. At present, the external chain accounts for about 20% of the importance in the ranking.
Many people may see here that the first reaction is to buy or exchange friendship links. There are some considerations:

  1. Cannot purchase more than 10 external chains at one time, otherwise, it may be judged as cheating.
  2. You need to pay attention to the exchange of friendship links, whether other people’s sites have been downgraded by Baidu (search for the title of the other party’s website to see if it is in the top three of the search results).

6. Persist in optimization

SEO is a long-term and accumulative process, just like a jar of fine wine. The longer you make it, the more mellow the result, and the easier it is to get benefits from SEO.

How to quickly increase website traffic?

Website search traffic is mainly related to the following three factors

  • Number of keywords
  • Keyword popularity
  • Keyword ranking

In theory, the greater the number of keyword layouts on a website, the higher the popularity of keywords, and the better the ranking of keywords, the better the website traffic. What website can you think of seeing these three factors? Well-known websites such as Zhihu, 58 Tongcheng, Douban, and Sohu all meet these conditions. According to data from iResearch, Zhihu gets about 1/3 of the traffic from search engines every day, and Zhihu’s daily life is around 20 million. Baidu also invested in Zhihu.

Knowing the first page of Baidu PC and Baidu Mobile respectively, they occupy about 400,000 keywords.

Part of the data in the table is displayed. Even with the data of 60,000 searches per day like Cauliflower, Zhihu ranks first, awesome.

Now that we know the secret of how to quickly get traffic, then we are not invincible?
Not really. With keyword data and popularity data. There is also a need to solve the ranking problem.
If you want to improve your ranking, you need to solve the following problems:

  1. The higher the keyword popularity, the more difficult it is to increase the ranking. Look for the blue ocean keywords. I have already mentioned the specific search.
  2. Improve keyword ranking is also related to many factors.

Factors affecting website ranking

Ranking = website authority (external link + obtaining traffic from search engines) + whether to solve user needs + website basic SEO optimization. The importance occupies 4:4:2 respectively.

  1. The authority of the website. The more authoritative the website, the more links it has. The more times the website is searched and clicked by users every day, the higher the authority of the website.
  2. Whether the user’s problem is solved, whether the user experience is OK, whether the user’s problem is solved after the user searches and clicks on your display results, if you click on your content and do not look for other answers again, then your ranking will be Getting better and better.
  3. The basic SEO optimization of the website. Try not to put a lot of content data in JavaScript (a scripting technology), Baidu can’t recognize this piece of data.

You may be a bit desperate to see here, the first article of the website’s authority cannot be solved.

In fact, it is not that the Internet has developed for so many years, and there are still many well-known websites, but the profitability itself is not good. So they are willing to lend their secondary catalog to other companies. Jumping through js (JavaScript) can allow searched users to seamlessly perceive the transfer to the customer’s website, so the user experience problem can also be solved.

In this way, the problem of websites getting a lot of traffic is solved.

SEO common optimization techniques.

  • Early-stage optimization skills for the new station:
  1. Before going online, ensure that the content of the website has a certain degree of richness and that the crawler (the script for the search engine crawling content) already has at least 20+ interfaces or articles, preferably 50+.
  2. The title of the new site should not be full of keywords. It is best to use the title of “main keyword + main keyword description sentence + the brand word” instead of “keyword1_keyword2_keyword3_ key “Word 4” will be considered cheating.
  3. The keywords appearing in the title should appear again in the description, emphasizing relevance and importance, and do not modify the title significantly.
  4. You can try 301 to centralize the website. But unfortunately, Baidu is not friendly to 301 at present. Another method given by Baidu is that the links on the homepage all adopt the link form of absolute addresses, which can also achieve the purpose of centralization.
  5. Go to the Baidu webmaster background to verify site ownership, apply for new site protection and accelerated inclusion, and push the new site link.
  6. Go to Baidu webmaster background to authenticate https to improve website authority.
  7. Exchange more friendship links, keep the number of friendships and external links at more than 20, and pay attention to promptly kicking off the websites whose rights are downgraded (search for the title on the Baidu search page if you can’t find the other website in the top three, it can be considered as downgraded. right).
  8. Pay attention to the logo size on the homepage of the website, try to follow the ratio of 300200 or 12175, in line with Baidu’s logo ratio, and add the tag to the img to speed up the appearance of the website’s logo and make the website search page more authoritative.

Adjust the website title skills

The title of the website is extremely important. Substantial revisions may result in significant ranking fluctuations. So please take the page title seriously. It is recommended to reflect the main purpose of the page in the title in a realistic manner. If it is not necessary, try not to make major changes. If you want to make small adjustments without affecting the relevance of the original website, the problem is not big. If you search for the title of the complete website and find that it is not in the top three, it means that the website has been demoted. It is very likely that the website title is not in place.

  • Website revision skills

If the website needs to be revised, and the URL address of the website has changed, a lot of 404 interfaces will be generated. You need to submit the dead link and revised URL rules to the Baidu webmaster’s background.

1.Correspondence rules for revisions of old version links and new version links.

2. Submit a 404, the inaccessible interface, and let Baidu be deleted in time.

  • How to judge whether a website has been downgraded

This has already been saying before. Search the title of the homepage of the website in search engines. If the title of the website is not found in the top three results, then there is a 90% possibility that the website will be demoted.

  • Tips to improve keyword ranking

Baidu’s latest patent says that if a keyword already has a certain ranking, optimizing the long-term keyword will also increase the ranking of the keyword accordingly. It is recommended to try to optimize the keywords that can be optimized to the top 3 on the homepage, which will greatly help your website’s ranking of other relevant keywords.

How to optimize this keyword?

  1. You need to find more long-tail keywords in the website layout.
  2. Optimize the website’s own structure and external links, etc.
  3. Find a professional SEO optimizer, generally will provide 7-30 days to Baidu homepage, 300/word.

Finally, I wish my brothers who are doing SEO optimization, there are many customers and full of money.


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