Continue the educational activities in coronavirus pandemic

Continue the educational activities in coronavirus

The conscience of a nation is its universities. And the closure of the university means that the conscience of the nation is asleep and other aspects of science and technology are avoided, which is not desirable in this age of information and technology. Thus, if the university is closed for a long time, the quality of education can be reduced, which can have an impact on national life. The state may fail to create skilled manpower.

Now the question is, what can the authorities do to continue the teaching education method of all the universities in this current technology? The only solution is to teach online, which is always the case in every country. Acquiring knowledge online will take students one step further in acquiring knowledge and skills.

Education activities of the university

First of all, we all know that there are many video conferencing apps in the Google Play Store. Where about one hundred or more students can participate in an online class at the same time. Respected teachers can come to the online class at the specified time as per the routine to continue education.

All students can join the class by video conference at the same time. In this case, I think the students can pay more attention to listening to the lectures of respected teachers. Since almost all the students are in the home quarantine, the number of participants in the class may also be higher.

Education in the e-book: Yes, many will say, then where to find the necessary books? Absolutely simple answer, reputable teachers can mail their lectures and books to all students in the form of e-books or in the form of files or post them on certain online education portals. Or give it to a Facebook group. Or you can pay through the website of the department. Students can download and read. The absolutely easy way.

Most of the teaching materials and helpful books of all the universities in Europe and America are available online education. In this case, the students save money to buy books and easily get all the materials at home. Many students go against this rule and say we will buy the internet! The reason may be financial insecurity.

In this case, mobile companies can offer bundle packages for students at low prices. Since almost every student has an Android set in his hand, I don’t think anyone will be deprived of this learning platform. But in the case of school students, it is a different matter. Many of them do not have mobile sets or it may not be possible due to poverty. For them, teaching through government TV seems to be enough.

Many may ask, how is it possible for science students to have practical classes / labs! I would say that now that it is a humanitarian catastrophe, it is not possible to go to the lab, so it may be better to finish the theoretical subjects earlier or to finish the two semester theoretical subjects together. When the situation becomes normal in the next semester, you can just make that semester a lab class. I think this can increase the skills of the students education.

Symbolic picture Now let’s come to the second section, that is, at the end of the semester, what should be the examination system? In this case I can only talk about my university exam system in Germany. Exams can be taken in different ways in this coronary semester. First, teachers can take 10-15 minutes of video conferencing each day to share their syllabus, take presentations from students online individually or in groups and record them.

Students can give numbers based on the data presented in the presentation. Then, you can make an offer for research paper or term paper and distribute the number based on it. At the same time, you must warn the students not to lean towards plagiarism. MCQ exams on syllabus textbooks can be arranged in video conferencing simultaneously.

In this case, you have to give very little time. In this case, the camera of the mobile and laptop should be warned not to move. In the case of written exams, teachers can take exams in a creative way at a certain time. But there will be very little time and the questions will have to be asked in such a way that the answers cannot be found directly from the book.

Students have to answer based on their own observations. This can lead to the spread of student talent and prudence. It should also be considered that the value of the question should not be more than 3-5 marks. And it can take pictures in a very short time or scan and upload it to a specific portal or e-mail within a specified time. Finally, you can finish the semester by taking Viva online. By assigning specific numbers to each step.

Since exam fees, semester fees have to be paid in private universities, how is it possible to collect these? In this case the fees can be taken through online banking. Since public universities have to pay only examination fees and other fees, bKash, cash or any other payment system can be followed.

Another important thing is that now that people have no income, it can be humane to reduce tuition fees.

Public and private universities can enter into agreements with various libraries in the country or abroad to hand over e-books and educational materials to students so that our students can read online resources of universities outside the country. The same advantage we get in Germany. If you want, you can visit many other university libraries in online education.

The world has come a long way in technology, which is unimaginable. Only the Kovid-19 virus has stabilized the world. But with the help of other technologies, we have to continue the expansion of knowledge.


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