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The number of freelancers in the world is increasing every year. If you have never thought of make money through a computer, then hurry up and pay attention. Various forums and Weike.com have also summarized the types of freelance work. Some of these have existed before, and some have been summarized based on new developments in the industry as suggestions.

1. Full-stack freelancers

Full-stack development refers to developers who are familiar with multiple front-end and back-end technologies. Full-stack freelancers are defined as people who can independently complete all the skills of entrepreneurs. This means that whether you are serving others or doing it yourself, it is very easy to earn income. When you know design, development, marketing, new media operations, video production, SEO, etc., there will always be customers looking for you. Of course, you don’t need to be proficient in every skill, as long as you can reach an intermediate level, it’s better than 80% of people.

2. Website developer

Starting a business today is unimaginable without a website or WeChat official account. As long as there is a market for entrepreneurship, website development is still needed, and it is also the most typical profession of freelance.

3. Professional new media operations

If you are an entrepreneur, you have two ways to let others know about your product.
1. Make a website and do SEO in Google.
2. Promote the brand on social platforms. (Including content)
But if you want to succeed, both of these are necessary. There are a large number of companies that will not do their own social product operations. They would rather spend money to find a third party to help with operations, including personal or corporate accounts, to establish a brand effect. For you who have experience in new media operations, you have the opportunity to easily serve multiple companies online.

4. SEO consulting


If in 2019, you realized that you must do a website, then by 2021, you must realize the need for SEO services. The threshold for website production is getting lower and lower, but how to let search engines know your website and recommend it is a technical job. SEO for companies has already existed, and it will become more and more important in the future.

5. APP independent developers

Independent APP developers are not very popular now. Since the popularity of WeChat, most products have begun to use WeChat instead of APP, but there are still a large number of markets abroad. After learning to develop APP, there are a lot of such work needs for you to choose from on the crowdsourcing platform. There are many APP developers, but excellent developers are still very rare.

6. User experience designer

This is very popular in the Internet industry and is also called an interaction designer. The Internet industry is very competitive, and a lot of effort has been made in user experience, and there are many new products. A qualified user experience designer who writes a professional user experience report is also a requirement of many companies.

7. Sales online courses

Recording professional content online sales, if it is good content, it can achieve a large amount of passive income, just like publishing a book. But after recording the video, you need to spend time thinking about how to sell it. Getting traffic is always more difficult than you think. There are also many online recording sites, you can try it.

8. Freelance writer

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This seems to be a profession that has existed for a long time, but it is still very popular today. Freelance writers are not limited to journalists or writing column articles, they cover the writing of various professional content. For example, marketing essays, professional blog content, business opportunities, or a certain plan, the scope here will involve a wider range, but they are all related to text collation.

9. Business consultant

There are many small and medium-sized enterprises, and entrepreneurs generally do not have systematic business knowledge, and they may be good businessmen. Someone may need detailed guidance on the development strategy of the company. The consultant mentioned here is not a position in the traditional sense, but more likely to provide services to people online. In fact, it is similar to the current business and sub-answer.

10. Open an online shop

Taobao shopkeepers, Youzan shopkeepers, and WeChat shopkeepers. Today, when e-commerce transactions are so developed, although competition is fierce, if you have unique products and good customer retention capabilities, you can still make money by opening an online shop. If you can, you can also join as a pursuing micro-business. There are also overseas markets. This is foreign trade work. Both Amazon FBA and AliExpress provide very good services. Find a niche market and let’s get started.

11. KOL (Key Opinion Leader)

Simply put, you are an influential person on social platforms. Can you transfer to WeChat official accounts, Sina Weibo, Instagram, Facebook and various video sites? If you are already an opinion leader in a certain field, I believe you already have an idea of ​​how to make money online.

12. Researcher

If content is king, then investigation is an indispensable step, and the collected information needs to be sorted out. Nowadays, various contents are scattered on the Internet. Researchers with the ability to analyze, search, and organize are the support behind various business decisions. To become a data researcher, the threshold is not high, but the later skills requirements are high.

13. Photographer

Not to mention that there should be many independent photographers around you who have opened their own studios, and there is no need for independent studios. You only need to take orders online or publish works online for sale.

14. Online advertising consultant

Domestic advertising mostly refers to Baidu, Sina Weibo, Tencent’s Guangdiantong, and Toutiao. There are also many techniques for paid promotion, especially search keywords on search engines. Most companies have more than zero cognition in this area, and a competent marketing engineer is very valuable. In addition, overseas promotion is also very prior, referring to the advertising strategies of Google and Facebook. For this type of talent, freelancing is very easy, but what is missing is the channel to find a suitable employer.

15. Video maker

It is very popular to have video production skills. Many companies are looking for video post-production personnel, and the salary is very high. This kind of skilled occupation has long since become freelancers.

16. Day trader

In the stock financial market, day trading represents the practice of frequently buying and selling stocks in a short period of time, and earning meager profits, usually within a day. If you are interested in finance, study the stock market and have your own investment methods in trading, you can try to be a day trader.

17. Copywriting planning

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This is the age when content is king, all kinds of marketing information are scattered all over the sky, and people with real copywriting skills are very rare. This is not only about content, but only limited to marketing copywriting. The ability and knowledge are also required. People who are getting started can also try it. This is also a good job for freelance work.

18. Designer

Designers are the most natural freelance profession. There are also many types of designers here, such as graphic design, UI design, graphic design, etc. There are many websites looking for design jobs in China and many abroad. 99designs is a good website, you can check it out here.

19. Crowdfunding consultant

Since crowdfunding became popular abroad, there has been a wave of heat in the country, and it is now colder. But it is also the publicity method chosen by many startups. After all, there is no cost. They will choose to release their products on Kickstarter or Indiegogo abroad. In China, it is Start, JD crowdfunding, and Taobao crowdfunding. Although the cost of crowdfunding is low, if you want to make an effective crowdfunding, you need to prepare a lot of content. Now the position of crowdfunding consultant has been born, specifically for you to choose a suitable crowdfunding platform to help You communicate with the crowdfunding platform and are responsible for the effectiveness of the promotion. This is equivalent to a consulting profession.

20. Build a trading website (marketplace)

This belongs to the category of individual developers, but if you have a very familiar segment, it is not too difficult to get started to build a website for buyers and sellers to communicate services. After all, there are too many website templates such as wordpress. The premise is that you have a professional field.

21. Affiliate Marketing

This is a profession that has existed abroad for a long time. If you are a traffic owner, whether it is a blog, a single page, or a personal website, you can provide traffic conversion for the company that provides the Affiliate plan, directly to their product detail page, and if the transaction is concluded, there will be a share back to you. Now that independent e-commerce is popular, many personal blogs started with Affiliate and made a segmented e-commerce website. Amazon is the largest company in the Affiliate plan, and there are many independent developers who are converting traffic to Amazon. In addition to Amazon, many websites have opened this plan. For companies, instead of spending money on advertising with unpredictable effects, it is better to let traffic masters help you convert, which is extremely efficient. For individuals, this is a job that can be the first income.

22. Share your belongings

Today, when the sharing economy is popular, everything can be rented, such as cars, clothes, houses, sofas, and time.. If you want more income, you still have to rent out a lot of houses or help the landlord do house management.

23. Leading Sales (Lead Generation)

Leading sales is equivalent to sales + intermediary. It is a new type of marketing profession. It requires basic network development skills and social platform marketing skills, which is equivalent to providing online traffic services for local companies. Nowadays, there are many ways for people to obtain product introductions. How to remove noise and convert users in a perceptible way in the channels that users can obtain.

24. Online education


Online teaching, whether it is real-time video or recorded video, has always been a good way to make money online. People with this skill start their own business very early. In addition to teaching content to be professional, you also need to master the skills of video teaching, which also contains a lot of knowledge.

25. Sound engineer

Very rare professions, basically only need one person to output audio files and transcribe them. It turns out that this is indeed a profession that can make money online

26. Customer service staff

Many small and medium-sized companies will recruit online customer service directly on the Internet, instead of having to work at home, such as Taobao customer service, foreign companies will recruit a large number of such positions if the English ability is sufficient. Full-time or part-time are suitable, depending on the salary level of the industry.

27. Anchor

Today, when various online live broadcasts are popular, there are already a lot of anchors who rely on this to make money, so there is no need to introduce them. In addition to live broadcasts, there are also Himalayan audio live broadcasts. Now that content is king, audio can also make money.

28. Blogger

The old-fashioned freelance profession has existed as early as the domain name trading. It started to make a lot of money in the Google Reader era. Although in the mobile Internet era, domestic blogs have become quite lonely, they are still very popular abroad. According to loose statistics, most full-time bloggers can still earn $19,000 per year on personal websites. If you have a very professional field, or a familiar industry, it will be very easy to blog in a subdivided field.

29. Product experiencer/brand spokesperson

The brand endorsements mentioned here do not refer to traditional brand endorsements, it is more suitable for those who experience products. For business owners, the marketing department has to do three things: advertising, marketing and public relations. For a new product, the advertising content can cite a third-party evaluation effect is excellent, why not invite your users to do the evaluation? This requires you to do a good job in user retention and find your own users in the field to speak for you on social media. For individuals, you need to be able to play with social platforms, find products that can be experienced in your familiar and professional fields, and let business owners hire you as an experience officer.

30. Translation

Translation is a technical job, and the work can always be done online. The content includes professional documents, legal contracts, medical documents, online courses, etc. In fact, there is a large demand gap. If you pass the test, make money online is very easy.

31. Virtual personal assistant

Since the book “Tim Ferris’ 4-Hour Work Week” became popular abroad, the demand for virtual personal assistants has also grown. For some emerging business owners or middle and senior managers, it seems unnecessary to hire a dedicated assistant. There is a remote virtual assistant that can help with daily affairs, such as scheduling, booking hotel tickets, purchasing items, sending and receiving emails, and collecting data. , Data processing, etc. This will also be a relatively easy and profitable career-as long as your employer is good, or you have to be prepared to meet his strange needs.

32. Domain name trading

This was a top 10 freelance job in the 1990s, and it made a lot of money. Now a large number of domestic bigwigs made their fortunes by buying and selling domain names at that time. Although it has become very difficult today, many suffixes have been added, such as .cc .me .im .fun .work, etc., and the possibilities have also become very many. So as long as you are the one who can seize the opportunity, you may still be able to seize the opportunity for domain name trading.

33. Financial staff/tax preparer

There are independent offices, small cubicles in the corners, various document shelves on the desks, the sound of printing invoices from time to time, and regular work from 9 to 5 every day. This may be the financial staff you remember. Nowadays, there are many new types of financial personnel who work remotely. There are more and more small and medium-sized enterprises, and they do not need to have fixed financial tax return personnel, but anyone with financial skills.

34. Sell e-books

Even though the threshold for publishing a physical book is much lower than before, it is still very high for ordinary people. But it is very convenient to publish your book electronically in the Internet age. It is typically published in eBooks or Amazon kindles. The threshold for publishing e-books on eBooks abroad is extremely low, and it is difficult to generate a large amount of income. If you want to publish books on similar eBooks, you need to do accurate user positioning, you also need to have the ability to flow, be able to do diversion, and then you can sell other goods on your personal bookshelf. Domestic electronic data sales can also be done on platforms such as Weibo, but you also need to have social media capabilities. Although the entry barrier for this occupation type is low, to reach the advanced level, you need to have more abilities. Many teacher said that publishing books is equivalent to post-sleep income (passive income). As long as you can do a good job of publicity, you can generate a lot of money in the future.

35. Account Manager

Now almost all entity companies that provide services need intermediaries between customers and enterprises, and this type of work exists in certain professional fields. Of course, if you can innovatively complete similar real estate agencies online, it will also become a new type of freelance.

36. Amazon Mechanical Turk

AMT, abbreviated as Amazon’s online labor trading platform, is equivalent to using humans to handle some tasks that computers can’t handle, and to solve some difficult problems for companies without technical capabilities, but humans can easily solve them, such as digital tasks, object recognition, Transcribe videos, perform deduplication, mark images, etc. Since the tasks are very simple, the amount will be relatively low. Unless you have a lot of time, this cannot be your first source of income.

37. Medical Billing

As a bridge between the hospital and the insurance company, it specializes in coordinating the settlement of expenses in the middle, that is, part of the expenses after seeing a doctor in the hospital needs to be declared to the insurance company. Medical Billing is such a role. The workload is not large and can be completed through a computer, but it requires simple training and verification before starting the job. This position only exists in the United States.

38. Direct sales/online sales (multilevel marketing)

To put it bluntly, it is to sell direct-selling products online and make money in the direct-selling product system. Note that the direct selling here is commendatory, not the kind of MLM you imagine. The famous Amway is such a product system. There are still many product types abroad that use this model to develop offline sales, and many people abroad do so. The products are all good products, and you can make money if you can sell them. It is not ruled out that someone will do a good job and become full-time, but in most cases you may only be able to do it as the second or third fourth income. Of course, now a lot of e-commerce products have begun to have a direct sales system.

Some of the positions listed are not very popular some countries, and job services can be found on various crowdsourced websites. If you really want to be a freelancer, you need to study various crowdsourcing websites at home and abroad, and you will find many jobs you haven’t seen before.


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