Educated unemployment

Educated Unemployment
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Educated Unemployment The rate at which unemployment is rising around the world is having an impact on our country as well. In other countries of the world where the number of educated unemployed is declining, the opposite is happening in our country, the number of educated unemployed is gradually increasing in the country.

Around 250 million working people around the world are currently unable to find work for even one hour a day and most of them do not have any certificate of education standards. But most of the unemployed in our country have higher secondary, undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

The number of educated unemployed is highest in South Asia in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and in the last few years this rate has been relatively stable in India besides Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives are rapidly improving to solve the problem of educated unemployment. But Bangladesh is in a good position in terms of the highest GDP in South Asia. Bangladesh has achieved enviable success not only in South Asia but in the whole world in terms of GDP growth. Besides, our country’s economy is now the 33rd largest in the world.

Therefore, raising the rate of educated unemployed is not a job at all. At present, the working population of our country and those who really need work, about four and a half percent or about 2 million people are unemployed. The saddest thing is that more than 50 percent of these unemployed people have higher secondary or university certificates.

About 1 million as a number. Even more frightening is the fact that about 100,000 newly certified educated workers from around 100 public and private universities are coming to the job market every year. But it is not possible to provide employment for so many educated people and as a result, their pressure is increasing day by day. These educated unemployed are not only playing a role in the economy of the country but are being considered as a burden for the economy but if it is possible to create new jobs for this young force, they will become the driving force of the country’s economy.

In fact, the number of quality jobs is not increasing in proportion to the number of graduates in the country, but every educated person expects employment in proportion to his or her education. In this case, many say that even though the number of certificate holders has increased, it is not possible to create new jobs due to the lack of quality educated people or private companies are giving more priority to students from India or Sri Lanka. In our country where educated youth are not getting good jobs, the country’s job market is overflowing with foreigners which is not good news at all for our young generation or the country’s economy.

If quality is more important than quantity to employers, we should change the proportion in our education system as well. The importance of technical education along with theoretical knowledge has increased a lot. Unemployment is a curse for any country, if a large part of the educated is unemployed, the country will just fall behind instead of moving forward.

The wheel of the economy will suddenly turn upside down, the number of poverty will increase, the path of progress of the nation will be covered with black clouds. Therefore, it is time to pay attention to the educated unemployed. If we do not provide employment opportunities to the youth through new sectors, the educated youth may go astray. On the other hand, if they get suitable employment, they will become the main force of the country. Therefore, the government should focus on increasing employment, and giving opportunities to the youth of this country. In this condition, foreign investors should be given an investment environment. If necessary, some additional facilities can also be given. Through appropriate measures, the burden of the present educated unemployment will soon become the wealth of the country, the need for good looks, and goodwill.


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