General education versus Vocational education system

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The demand of the age is to introduce life-oriented education system to improve the quality of primary education. At the beginning of their education, it is necessary to introduce theoretical education as well as practical and hands-on education to the students from the primary level.

Introduce education for children that will help them become self-reliant in their future careers. That education should be useful for the needs of life and livelihood. What is currently being taught to students at the elementary level is nothing more than a kind of rigorous theoretical teaching. School does not seem pleasant to children and students.

Biblical knowledge alone does not awaken the vibrancy of life. Education is colorful. We have to ensure that children are taught in a pleasant environment. At the primary level, the curriculum is largely inconsistent with the lives and livelihoods of the urban and rural poor and indigenous and minority communities. It is very important to formulate and practice a minimum curriculum rich in patriotism, sense of nationalism, etiquette, ethics, life issues.

What kind of education do we need for our children? In this context, Rabindranath said, life should be as it should be education. Life and education are on opposite sides of the same coin. So I want an education that is able to meet the needs of life.

Albert Einstein used to say that imagination is greater than knowledge.

Einstein was a great scientist, to be honest, there are not many scientists in the world who understand how great a scientist he is. There must be a reason why Einstein valued imagination more than knowledge. The reason is simple, knowledge can be acquired but imagination cannot be acquired. Man is born with imagination, that invaluable power has to be nurtured very carefully, it has to be kept alive. The greatest works in the world have been done for the benefit of this imagination. To dream of the future requires imagination, those who do not have imagination have nothing to give to this world. The education system of our country completely destroys that imagination and creativity.

Nowadays education is divided into two stages: general education and vocational education. Scholarship is a livelihood, work or profession. Vocational education is education directly related to scholarship. The education system in which a student can earn a living by getting hands-on education is called vocational education. Vocational education makes a person suitable for any profession.

General level vocational education means short-term practical education in a subject. Such as: agriculture, tailoring, masonry, carpentry, paint work, repair work for bicycles, rickshaws, etc., repair of electrical appliances like radios, televisions, refrigerators, house wiring, bus-truck driver work, general or first aid work, Ironing clothes, modern poultry farming, cattle, goat and sheep farming, fish farming, saloon work etc. Such education can be easily adopted in a short time at low cost. In today’s era of globalization, people are using scientific knowledge and technology everywhere in agriculture and industry. Therefore, vocational education is essential to work in these fields.

Millions of hardworking, enterprising young people educated in vocational education are needed for the development of the economy of Underdeveloped country. Vocational education is needed in agriculture, cottage industries, large scale industries to increase and develop the quality of production and services everywhere. In today’s world, the United States, European countries and Asia’s China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia have improved through the expansion of vocational education. Vocational education is very popular among the people of the developed world. They do not believe in certificates, they believe in deeds. They do not underestimate any work. Therefore, there are adequate facilities for vocational education in those countries.

In developed countries, education means work, job. They are getting education suitable for life and needs. Their vocational technical education gives direction to work. Our students are failing to contribute to the development of themselves or the country due to lack of practical education. In the age of high-tech or highly advanced technology, soft-spoken students need to be taught work-oriented and appropriate technology. Computer-based education is provided in the schools of Singapore from the first class. The days of general education are now over. There is no alternative but to jump into the struggle of life by taking vocational education.

Underdeveloped country, agriculture education should be made compulsory from the primary level. It is necessary to prepare separate textbooks and recruit trained teachers in agriculture for the purpose of intensive agricultural education of soft-spoken children. Mandatory law should be enacted in all educational institutions to set up agricultural exhibition plots or gardens for practical agricultural education. The school garden will be a living school of agriculture. Here students will have the opportunity to acquire hands-on knowledge on agriculture.

As a result, students will gain practical insights on nature lessons, nature observation and practical agricultural education. In addition to beautifying and developing the school, future generations will be able to achieve self-reliance.In the greater interest of national progress, sustainable development and life-sustaining education, it is necessary to replace the existing five-year primary education with an eight-year primary education system. In order to strengthen the foundation of primary education, it is essential to introduce a minimum eight-year education system. In the developed countries of the world, the compulsory education period is eight to twelve years. Public examination system needs to be introduced at the end of eighth grade education.

Primary education can be used as a tool for human resource development. It is possible to create skilled human resources through lifelong and career oriented education. The goal of primary education is to develop the child physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, morally, humanely and aesthetically and to inspire him to dream of a better life. In order to implement this huge goal, the primary education system has to be streamlined. To give more importance to getting out of the fence of biblical memorization and acquiring hands-on skills. Education is the only way to integrate a large number of people in the mainstream of development by transforming them into skilled human resources. The economic liberation of a poor and underdeveloped country like ours lies in lifelong learning.

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