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The number of coronavirus patients is increasing globally. That is why the crowds in the hospitals for sample testing and treatment are increasing every day. Many patients with coronary heart disease have to seek treatment at home. However, if the patient’s condition is bad, he needs to be taken to the hospital. It is possible to cure most of the affected people through treatment at home.

Anyone can be infected with coronavirus pandemic at any time. So you need to prepare your home that way. A research project in the USA has suggested this.

If you want to treat people infected with coronavirus pandemic at home, you must first make the home environment healthy and service-friendly. Regardless of the size, the necessary arrangements and precautionary measures must be taken. Separate space should be ensured for patient care and care. In addition, other family members need to be looked after and taken care of. Because the biggest challenge at this time is to keep the rest free from infection.

Five key points

There are five main things to look for when treating coronavirus infected people at home. Firstly, isolation room, secondly safety and cleanliness, thirdly medical treatment and therapy, fourthly connection with nature, fifthly protection of family members.

Globally initiatives that need to be taken

  • A room in your home needs to be made an isolation room for a coronavirus infected patient.
  • It is best to have a bathroom attached to the patient’s room and a separate room.
  • Clean the room and remove excess furniture from the room.
  • Make the room with the most windows for coronavirus patient care. Open windows, open-air, sunlight, and outside view through the windows will keep the body and mind of the coronavirus patient well.
  • If there is carpet in the house, remove it. If you have furniture that is difficult to clean, remove it.
  • There should be enough space around the patient’s bed. At least 2 feet, so that two people can take care of the patient.
  • If another healthy family member has to stay in the patient’s room, it is best to separate the room with a curtain.
  • Keep the patient’s bed as close to the window as possible.
  • Place a small table next to the bed, to hold things. Which can be cleaned very easily.
  • It is better to have airflow in the patient’s room at all times. However, care must be taken that the air flows from the inside to the outside through the window. The air should not move from the patient’s room to another room.
  • ‘Negative airflow’ needs to be created in the patient’s room. Adjust fan or stand fan will work in this case.
  • Humidity in the house is 50 to 60 percent, the risk of infection is less.
  • Also remove unnecessary items from the patient’s bathroom.
  • The patient’s bathroom should not use another healthy member to prevent infection.
  • Keep an aluminum container near the patient’s bed to dispose of the patient’s dirt or grime. It is better if the pot is covered.
  • It is better to keep the patient’s waste separate from other household waste. Remove the patient’s dirt in a polythene bag. So that the infection cannot spread from here. It is best to burn this dirt somewhere outside the house.
  • Prayers and recreation should be arranged for the patient’s mental well-being while at home.
  • There are several types of therapy that can be used at this time. E.g., aroma or perfume therapy, or music therapy.
  • Try to put beautiful pictures that have landscapes on the walls of the patient’s room. This will help reduce the patient’s stress levels.

Globally preparation of the rest of the house

  • Dispose of the whole house.
  • Mark the patient’s living area or infected area inside the house and the clean area outside.
  • Dispose of the patient’s walkway and clean it immediately after the patient’s use.
  • Set aside space for children. Arrange for their play and creative work.
  • Prayers and recreation should be arranged with family members in mind.

Arrange a veranda and any other place in the house. Where family members can spend some time like themselves.

The list above is just very useful and some guidelines are highlighted for this coronavirus pandemic. Apart from this, many more preventive measures can be taken. If globally home arrangement is ensured according to these guidelines, it may be possible to keep the patient care and other family members healthy at the same time.

Also you can see coronavirus prediction chart here.



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