The importance of content

The importance of content

 In Keyword Research it is important to identify the competition and know the terms by which they rank. From here, the generation of original content is essential for the success of an SEO project. It is clear that the content is fundamental, it is the what, but also the how matters, that is to say how we offer that content to the users and also to Google that will analyze our page and must understand it and be able to crawl and classify all the content and respond adequately for all devices, especially mobile phones, which are the main information query device.

For this we must build a responsive website that adapts to the device and that also returns the contents very quickly, for which a technical optimization is necessary, which will be achieved using the appropriate technology, correctly dimensioning the server and optimizing the code of the web.

The home page is the first thing Google sees when it crawls your site. In most cases, it is the most important page on the site. Many websites are engaged in active SEO and link building activities to improve their website’s domain weight and website ranking, but they simply do not get the desired results. If your homepage has very little content, you may be in a situation where website traffic is not ideal. Let ’s see how important it is for your ranking to have reliable homepage content.

Google will crawl the site and periodically analyze it to understand its relevance to certain keyword terms. Googlebot is Google’s website crawler and crawler. It is responsible for checking your website, determining the relevance of your pages, and ranking you appropriately in Google search. The problem most people do n’t realize is that Googlebot is largely a text-only crawler. Googlebot does not consider pictures or animations as content, it is mainly looking for text content. This is a problem for websites with a large number of links and images on the homepage but very little actual content.

Why does Google think text content is so important? From a search engine perspective, this makes a lot of sense. If there is not enough relevant content on the homepage of the website for it to try to rank keywords for it, then it is difficult for Google to determine that the website is absolutely related to its keywords, so ranking on Google will be a tough battle.

Google hopes to avoid providing sites that are of little use to visitors, and from a web crawler’s perspective, sites with little content may be considered too simple or not sufficiently relevant to rank on Google’s pages. Content has always been Google’s most important content. Those with a streamlined homepage may need to rethink your homepage architecture.

Homepage content is essential

The most important thing about the content of the homepage is to attract visitors in order to attract them to other parts of your site. If done correctly, the content of the homepage will provide a reliable and engaging introduction or overview to your website to attract your visitors to stay on your website longer. More specifically, typical goals for the homepage include:

Help visitors understand why they should choose your brand in competition (if you run an e-commerce website)

Stimulate interest and curiosity

Provide in-depth information

State your needs for products, services or ideas

Provide an effective call to action to help visitors achieve their goals

Let visitors know what other information can be found elsewhere on your site to quickly achieve visitors ’expectations

Please keep the above points in mind when creating content for the homepage. The ultimate goal is to keep your visitors interested. Do n’t describe your homepage as an introduction to you or your business, but set it as a page where visitors are interested. You can choose to focus on one of the above purposes, and a combination of two or more will make your content more powerful.

Build a rich homepage

 We can try to build a rich homepage, this page is helpful for both visitors and search engine optimization (SEO). Ideally, the first page should contain at least 600-1000 words. These are several different strategies that we use on our website and thousands of other web developers on the web.



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