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99 designs (website) is a Melbourne-based company that operates a freelance platform that connects graphic designers and clients. Founded in 2008, the company has US offices in Oakland, California.

99 designs were founded by Matt Mickiewicz and Mark Harbottle. This is a derivative of Sitepoint. Founded in 1998, Sitepoint is a website that provides a forum for web developers and designers. The designer started organizing a contest on his forum based on fictional customer summaries. The founders decided to test the rates to publish a brief introduction of the actual project and eventually created 99 independent companies to participate in the competition.

In 2008, the company opened an office in San Francisco because most of the platform’s early customers and designers were in the United States. He then relocated its US headquarters to Oakland, California. By 2012, the site had 175,000 designers in 192 countries. By 2016, there are about 1 million registered designers. The platform was later redesigned to allow customers to search and hire designers directly outside the design competition.

In 2012, we acquired 12designer, a European competitor based in Germany, which became the European headquarters for 99 designs and acquired Brazilian competitor Logo Chef. I returned to Melbourne in 2017.

In 2011, the company received a $35 million loan from Accel Partners and other investors. Then another $10 million was raised in 2015.

The company went into the black in 2017, with annual revenues of $ 60 million in February 2018.

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  • 1. Pictures
  • 2. Mobile number
  • 3. National identity card
  • 4. Verified email

There are four ways to raise dollars:

1) The designs of others in the competition can never be copied. Copying will suspend you from the competition, and even the account from the entire marketplace.
2) If a design is submitted without reading the description of the competition well, the buyer can complain to the marketplace authority. This can be canceled from the competition.

99 Designs work process

1) Design Brief

In the first step, the competition organizer creates a design guide according to his needs called Design Brief. Designers create their designs based on this brief. To organize the competition, the client has to pay আয়োজন 39 to the site. No fees are charged from freelancers

2) Budget setting

In the second step, the organizer determines the amount of the prize. The prize price can range from a minimum of ড 100 to one to two thousand dollars. It depends entirely on the budget of the organizer.

3) The first episode of Con Test

Each competition can run from a minimum of 1 day to a maximum of 7 days. During this time, designers create designs based on project briefs and submit a picture of the created design to the web site. These pictures can be viewed by anyone. The mindset of the designers is to create another TD design better than one person’s design. In the end, it brings benefits to the organizer. During the competition, organizer Jamadaya gave each design a rating and a comment. If the design is good, the organizer also advises to fix it. Each designer can submit more than one design.

4) The final winner

By providing ratings and comments, the organizer communicates with the designers and creates his or her desired design. After the competition is over, the organizer selects the winner and awards him / her. Finally, the designer gives the original design file to the organizer.

If the contest fails

If you lose the contest, pick your design from the competition and you can sell that design in another marketplace. Then participate in the contest with perseverance. Remember that if you lose a contest, it will give you a lot of support in your next contest. Keep up the good work, maybe you will be the winner of the contest.

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