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Guru is a free market marketplace. This allows companies to find freelancers engaged in outsourcing. The company was founded in Pittsburgh in 1998 under the name and is still headquartered.  

Guru Inc. was founded in 1999 in San Francisco as an online information center for high-tech workers seeking short-term contracts. The company, headed by the brothers Jon and James Slavet, raised $3 million in Angel Finance and another $16 million in risky investments led by Gray Rock Partners and August Capital. In an interview in May 2000, Paul Saffo used Guru as an example to offer new services using the Internet, and people negotiated directly with potential employers.  

In May 2001, Ray Mercy, CEO of Florida talent company Spherion, became Guru’s CEO. He hired industry psychologists Janz and Dan Crow to develop new software.  

In February 2002, Guru introduced SmartMatch technology for writing resumes and other job seeker information. The company also uses organizational and organizational psychology techniques to develop candidate profiling systems to better understand a candidate’s suitability for a particular position. The company was acquired in December 2002 by Unicru, a human resources software company headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Master’s skills and staff remain in Unicle.   Unique has sold its domain name and Guru logo to and renamed it, Guru.

Here Is wherever the Magic Happens  

Guru doesn’t follow different freelance websites that run contests and incorporate difficult expertise points-based rating systems. The feedback score is vital for each employer and freelancer. you may not realize many folks acceptive work from you or hire you if you’ve got low feedback points.  

You may describe operating comes in no matter terms you decide on, however, bear it in mind that direct contact data revealing maybe a massive no-no on Guru and may get your account suspended or terminated.   Among different debatable Guru options is that the special time-tracking package, that permits customers to trace freelancer activity on hourly contracts.  

A Touch of Humor and Personality to See You Through

The Guru layout is polished and also the navigation is intuitive, till you come upon their diary. during this space, Guru will use some cosmetic surgery and a touch a lot of structure and tagging. This vital supply of valuable data isn’t straightforward to navigate.

The search functions ar merely beautiful, permitting you to browse and filter job postings and freelancer profiles with ease.  

Guru undoubtedly offers barely of humor and a splash of fun to the whole expertise. The latter is pleasant up to the purpose you’re charged hefty commissions on each dealing. The happy emoticon faces that pop once you ar filling out registration forms could appear misplaced sometimes, however they’re harmless.  

We Don’t wish to speak to You

Guru facilitate Center doesn’t feature live-chat or a subscriber line, however the “Answers” message board and in depth listing section + the e-mail primarily based price tag system ought to be able to assist you resolve any queries. The issue is – their listing associate degreed diary combined is an overpoweringly careful tool that may very assist you with something, although it’s you second-ever time on the net. If it’s your first-ever expertise on-line altogether the “Answers” can assist you. No, seriously – although you’re associate degree alien. perhaps this can be the explanation Guru indicates your initial location as “Earth”?

  • Brilliant listing divided into client-specific sections  
  • E-mail support  
  • No live-chat  
  • No phone facilitate line  

Here’s wherever It All Gets terribly difficult

Unless you’re associate degree knowledgeable scientist or statistician, you’ll have a problem finding out the service and membership fees, subtracted from the employer’s payment anytime a payment is issued. There ar 3 styles of accounts with monthly fees, reckoning on the arena you’re operating in. If you pay in bulk you get a 2 hundredths discount.  

Payment System – Verified mastercard account or PayPal

Payment Protection – Guru-specific SafePay system that needs further registration and verification Payment Disputes – Mediation and Arbitration out there solely to registered SafePay users UN agency have at first tried to settle the dispute themselves + given that the add-in question isn’t any but $25 Depending on your membership kind and therefore the activity feedback-based-level on Guru, you pay 2,95% for every dealings + four,5%-11,95% per financial operation. This shared system is often a touch complicated to know, however, the FAQ section provides in-depth answers to most queries.


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