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In August, Microsoft officially announced the Surface Duo, the first Android mobile device. This device is equipped with two 5.6-inch screens, which can execute two different apps, and can also be combined into an 8.1-inch screen to display a single app on a larger screen.

Microsoft announced the Surface series of mobile devices in October last year, including: Surface Laptop 3, Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X laptop, Surface Earbuds Bluetooth headset, and Surface Neo and Surface Duo dual-screen devices. Most of these products have been launched in succession. Taiwan is listed, Surface Neo is rumored to have to wait until 2021, and Surface Duo will officially debut in August this year.

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Microsoft’s introduction to Surface Duo at that time only mentioned that it was a pocket-sized device that could integrate Microsoft’s productivity experience, Android applications, and Surface hardware design into one device, and you can use it to dial number. This device is equipped with two 5.6-inch monitors that are as thin as a piece of paper, which look like an 8.3-inch monitor when unfolded, supporting multiple usage modes.

In the news announced this year, Microsoft has indicated more detailed specifications of Surface Duo. For example, the suggested price starts at $1399, and it integrates Microsoft 365 and Android mobile apps.

Regarding the screen configuration, Surface Duo uses two 5.6-inch PixelSense touch AMOLED displays with a resolution of 1800 x 1350 (4:3); if the device is unfolded, it becomes an 8.1-inch display with a resolution of 2700 x 1800 (3:2), the thickness of the whole machine at this time is 4.8 mm, becoming the thinnest Surface computer (the thickness when closed is 9.9 mm), which is what Microsoft calls the Book Mode.

It is also equipped with a 360-degree rotation axis, allowing users to stand up two screens to display. Microsoft calls it Tent Mode. At this time, it seems that only the screen facing the user will display the screen.

In the operating mode, if you rotate the Surface Duo in book mode by 90 degrees, you can switch to Compose Mode, the top display is still a screen, and the bottom display becomes a virtual keyboard, which can be used to compose emails and text content And edit files.

Microsoft Surface Duo picture

If you just want to check the date, notifications, and incoming calls a little bit, users can turn on the Surface Duo slightly and see these states on the right side of the bottom screen. This mode is called Peek Mode.

In addition, users can execute the App on different screens, and drag and drop objects between these screens. In this way, we can run Outlook on one screen, and present the screen of opening email attachments on another screen, or span two screens for maximum screen display, without the need to switch apps frequently.

In the collocation of operating system and applications, Surface Duo uses Android 10 (Surface Neo uses Windows 10X), so it will pre-install a variety of Android system built-in apps and Google applications, and can use the Google Play market Various Android apps. In terms of the integration of Microsoft applications and services, this device also has built-in applications such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, Edge, OneNote, etc., and can be connected to Windows 10 personal computers (users need to download from Microsoft Store on this computer) Download and install the Your Phone App).

Product Information

  • Microsoft Surface Duo
    ●Original: Microsoft
    ●Suggested Price: Starting at US$1399
    ●Screen size: 8.1 inches
    ●Screen resolution: 1800×1350 (4:3)
    ●Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
    ●Memory: 6GB
    ●Hard disk storage: 128GB or 256GB UFS 3.0 (Universal Flash Storage)
    ●Operating system: Android 10
    ●Battery capacity: 3577mAh (supports 18W fast charging)
    ●Battery life: 15.5 hours (local video playback)
    ●Weight: 250g
    ●Body size: 14.52 x 18.69 x 048 cm when unfolded, 140.52 x 9.33 x 0.99 cm when folded
    ●Network connection: 802.11ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, LTE (FDD-LTE, TD-LTE)/WCDMA/GSM/GPRS ( 1 eSIM and 1 Nano SIM)
    ●Warranty: 1-year limited hardware warranty

[Note: Specifications and prices are provided by the manufacturer, due to changes from time to time, please contact the manufacturer for correct information]

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