Must be recognized in order to defeat the enemy


The SARS-coronavirus infection occurred in 2002. At that time, 6,000 infected people were identified. 600 people died. The death rate was 10 percent. The virus first enters the body of a small animal called Civet from bats. People from Civet.

In 2012, there was an outbreak of Mars-coronavirus in the Middle East. The virus was transmitted from bats to camels. From camels to human bodies. Two and a half thousand infected people were identified. 650 people died. The death rate was 34 percent.

In 2019, a new virus appeared. It also goes from bat to pangolin, the first tortoise-like animal. It is thought to come from pangolins. Even if the death rate is said to be 3 percent, it will be increased. Because, many of the victims are not being identified. However, the mortality rate can be taken as 1 or 1.5 percent.

Everyone is defeated by this small virus. The problem is, it spreads very fast. The virus can live for one to two days without the human body. It spreads in the air. However, it spreads more through sneezing and coughing. It can also be transmitted to humans through tables, door handles, cell phones, and computer keyboards.

Now the question is, what is the structure of this virus? What is character? If it didn’t hit us, it would look like, aha, it’s like a flower or it’s like an earring.

There are spikes on the virus. The spike is the S protein. We have ACE-2 protein in our cells. He uses our ACE-2 protein as a receptor. There is one spike after another. Then it enters our cells. This spike prefers furin protein. The furin protein is in our respiratory system, in our lungs. So this virus nests in the respiratory tract. The other virus goes into the blood or elsewhere, but the coronavirus stays there. He then enters our cells and takes complete control.

Gradually the lungs become weak, losing function. Fluid comes and accumulates in the lungs. We have fever, breathing problems. It affects the heart, liver and kidneys. Maybe a virus entered. Later numerous copies were made and then released.

In general, they can live independently for one to two days. They live in our body. Spreads from one body to another. So it is important to maintain our distance. Some countries, including South Korea and Singapore, have been able to control the spread. Many countries did not think of spreading, so did not go the way of control. The first outbreaks began in California, USA. They cared, managed. But New York didn’t care at the beginning. They are paying the price.

One of the lines of transmission of the virus is peak, the other is flat. Italy, France are examples of peaks. Examples of flats are Singapore, South Korea. But we don’t know our line, can’t see. Our testing is at a limited stage. Now the emphasis is on ‘social distance’ or social distance.

How long will we maintain this distance? We do not know whether the line of transmission will remain flat or rise. Or will it weaken naturally? I don’t even know if all of us will have the Covid-19 resistance.

The new drugs that are being talked about now are not very well tested. On the other hand, I can’t expect any vaccine in 12 to 18 months. I don’t think I will get vaccinated while this epidemic is going on.

Genetic engineering is showing a light. This is the RNA virus. Scientists have taken the initiative to create mRNA vaccine.
The topic of rapid test is coming to the fore. I am worried about this. In this case, the approval of the appropriate authority is necessary. Only one kit is approved in the United States. That kit won’t go outside the United States. In India, 10 different types of rapid kits are being tested. Globe Biotech is trying to create a PCR that will report results quickly.

However, for now, soap is enough to kill the virus. The lipid membranes on the soap virus break down one by one, like a house of cards. Such a big enemy is being defeated by a small amount of soap. So there is talk of washing hands with soap again and again.

We will learn a lot from the epidemic. We can’t do anything alone. Everyone has to work together. Must work responsibly. Selfishness will not solve the problem.

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