PEGASI smart sleep glasses save you from painful Insomnia

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PEGASI smart sleep glasses: It is said that sleeping is the most important thing in life painful Insomnia. However, can you really sleep well all the time? Work pressure, emotional frustration, trips, etc., just pick up a life worry can make you sleepless at night.

In order to avoid the deterioration of sleep quality and affect physical and mental health, I believe that many Lezhi friends will be equipped with sleep medicine at any time in this case, but everyone knows that the medicine is three-point poison.

PEGASI sleep glasses picture

For problems that can be solved by black technology, we try not to use drugs. No, Le Zhijun started with a black technology-PEGASI‘s smart sleep glasses, which can make you feel that sleeping should be natural and comfortable, you can sleep when you need to sleep, and feel awake when you need to wake up.

Out of the box evaluation

The outer packaging is a pure white rectangular box, simple and atmospheric. The LOGO of Qianhai Binghan is printed on the top of the box, the brand name “PEGASI” is printed on the front and back, and the brand’s official website is printed on the left and right sides, so that consumers can log on to the website to learn more about the brand and after-sales service .

PEGASI smart sleep glasses box picture

The first thing you see when you open the lid is the transparent paper with the words “Easy sleep, one-click to open”. When you open the transparent paper, you can see that the smart glasses are placed in a shock-proof foam frame. Damaged by hitting.

In the whole package:

PEGASI smart glasses × 1
USB data cable × 1
Charging plug × 1
User Manual/Instruction Manual × 1
Warranty card × 1

The smart glasses that Le Zhijun got are black, and its appearance is simple and smooth, without screw holes. It is understood that it is also available in blue, pink, and purple.

To be honest, this is not quite like a pair of glasses, after all, even the core lens of the glasses is not available, but this does not prevent it from becoming your sleeping magic weapon.

A single PEGASI weighs 36 grams, which is very lightweight. Its size is 18018045mm, which is close to the size of ordinary glasses.

On the right of PEGASI is a touch switch button, double-click to turn on the glasses for use. The sensitivity of the smart touch switch is very good. As a result, PEGASI emits two blue and green lights, the light is relatively soft, it feels natural, and there is no obvious discomfort. This light will stay on for 25 minutes and will automatically go out once the time has passed. 25 minutes is the official course of treatment.

In the middle of PEGASI is a nose pad. Upon closer inspection, the design shows an inclination angle, which makes it comfortable to wear.

Many colleagues in the company said they wanted to try it on. However, a colleague is asking, can I still wear PEGASI with my own glasses? So Le Zhijun puts the smart glasses outside the colleague’s ordinary glasses, it is also proper, but pay attention to blue and green light projected on the eyes of the retina, do not let the glasses frame block the light emitted by the smart glasses.

It is understood that PEGASI uses “light therapy” to adjust the body clock and improve sleep. According to research conducted by Brown University in the United States, the photoreceptor cells ipRGC cells of the human eye receive light signals, which can change the secretion of melatonin that affects sleep. The absorption peak of melanopsin in ipRGC cells is in the blue-green waveband, and studies on light in this waveband have been found to be the most effective in regulating the biological rhythm of the human body. PEGASI influences the secretion of melatonin through the blue and green light emitted by the light-emitting module, and thus plays a role in regulating the body’s biological clock.

biological clock picture

First of all, through the Bluetooth connection, after binding the smart glasses PEGASI, and the Xiaomi bracelet sold with PEGASI, you can understand the sleep status in real time. It includes detailed records of sleep duration, sleep score, deep sleep, light sleep and wake time, and time to fall asleep and wake up.

The picture above is the sleep data measured by Le Zhijun before using the glasses. From the chart, Le Zhijun’s sleep state is not too good, and his sleep score is only 69.1. During the entire night, awake time accounted for 9% of the night, and light sleep time accounted for 70%.

Next, Le Zhijun wanted to know what kind of sleep regulation program PEGASI can provide for my sleep state. On the adjustment page of Paisui APP, the sleep adjustment plan is displayed. However, Le Zhijun looked confused and went to the official website to find the relevant staff of PEGASI. The staff told Le Zhijun that the vertical axis in the figure represents the brightness of the LED lights on the PEGASI glasses, and the horizontal axis represents the time. The program we saw is a general sleep regulation program. According to the staff, there will be other programs in the future, including personal sleep regulation customization services.


1. The appearance is cool and the lines are soft, which meets the aesthetics and taste of young people;
2. The light is soft and comfortable to wear;
3. 25 minutes is a course of treatment, and the time period to be worn is short, which is easy to be accepted by others;
4. The effect is obvious. By comparing the quantified sleep monitoring data, we can know that the effect of use has indeed

Areas for improvement

1. PEGASI cannot be folded like ordinary glasses, so it is not convenient to go out and carry;
2. The size of PEGASI cannot be adjusted. A colleague of Le Zhijun’s head is relatively small, and the smart glasses are relatively large and easy to slip off.
3. At present, only general sleep regulation programs can be used, and customized personal sleep regulation services have not been seen yet.

Judging from the experience effect, PEGASI smart sleep glasses are still good. After Le Zhijun insisted on using it for two months, the sleep quality has improved greatly. And after abandoning PEGASI after conditioning insomnia, the quality of sleep can also be maintained in a good state, so there is no need to worry about being dependent on PEGASI. Security is guaranteed. PEGASI has obtained a permanent non-hazardous safety test report issued by the National Electric Light Source Testing Agency and an international safety certification, proving that PEGASI has no side effects on the human body.

However, it needs to be explained that Le Zhijun judges based on the working principle of PEGASI that it is not suitable for the elderly over 75 years old. Because the body function of the elderly is degraded and the secretion of endogenous hormones is less, PEGASI has little effect on the secretion of endogenous hormones in the elderly, which means that the effect of PEGASI on the sleep conditioning effect of the elderly is not obvious. For safety reasons, children under the age of 13 are also listed as inapplicable age in the official instructions.

It is obvious that PEGASI is more suitable for young and middle-aged people. During the struggle of these two ages, various anxiety and stress make people feel at a loss, and the sleep problems caused by this make people feel painful. Today, PEGASI smart sleep glasses can indeed improve.


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