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Home delivery service using drones

The country’s strongest home delivery service has played a key role in preventing the spread of the coronavirus to China. The companies have introduced a fancy system to deliver for people fresh vegetables, fruits, and other necessities to the house without any contact. Many companies are using driverless vehicles for home delivery and drones in the worst-affected areas to deliver goods to the buyer’s home.

The South China Morning Post reported that panic-stricken people had been flocking to the super shops since the lockdown began in Wuhan last January.

Liu Ilin, a resident of Wuhan, collected large quantities of rice, pulses, oil and dried food from the market after hearing the news of the new virus. The retired school teacher was not prepared to stay under house arrest for a long time even though she had arranged food in advance. Many, like him, became concerned about the market right after the strict ban on going out. Everyone was worried about how to get fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and meat.

After the launch of Swastir Mill full-time home delivery service. Liu Ilin said, ‘In the midst of grave anxiety, I learned that a team of volunteers and community workers had taken the initiative to deliver food to the house. Such strong management has made our lives easier during the lockdown. ‘

Home delivery services play an important role in coronavirus outbreaks,” said Hu Jingdu, a political economist in Beijing. No one had to spend a day without food even when strict measures were being taken to maintain social distance in different regions. Necessary materials have been provided to them from door to door.

All kinds of communication were going on through internet. From farmers to supermarkets, online communication was on. Buyers would order online, and delivery staff would deliver according to the rules.

Liu said he used to order the necessary items using his name, address and phone number. He would then send the name and order number to the community workers in the area. They would collect things from the gate of the area and leave them at the door of his house.

Mark Griven, a professor at the IMD Business School in Switzerland, said that China has been able to introduce a strong home delivery system because of its population density and interest in advanced technology.

“Everything from medicines to fresh fish and meat to hardware is delivered to China,” he said. On the other hand, the digital payment system does not require the exchange of notes. There is also transparency in transactions. No one has the opportunity to charge extra. China has shown its technical prowess in dealing with such a crisis.

According to a number of e-commerce companies, including JD Fresh, Meituan Dianping, a large number of essential items have been delivered every day from January 20 to the end of February.

In one month, JD Fresh has delivered 22 crore items to the buyers. Tang Eisen, director of JD Fresh, said, “We have received a very positive response in sending food items to buyers. Everyone has praised us a lot. Through this we have been able to gain the confidence of the buyers. They will continue to buy things from us. ‘

According to Meituan Dianping, their sales have increased by 400 percent since the beginning of this year compared to last year. In one month, they have sold the most face masks, disinfectants, fruits and potatoes.

These companies have chosen a fancy way to get the necessary things home without any contact. Workers would sometimes leave them outside the gates of the residential area, sometimes outside the elevator, and sometimes in special boxes to keep the delivery products. In Beijing, Maituan Dianping is using a type of car that can run without a driver for home delivery. With the help of GPS, the car is automatically appearing in front of the house according to the address.’s home delivery service delivered drones to the buyer’s home using drones in the worst-affected areas.

Sandy Shen, research director at Global Consultancy Gartner, said that due to the staffing crisis in-home delivery companies, many restaurants and small company employees have temporarily joined them as delivery staff. As a result, those who are not financially well-off have found a way to earn a living.

“It was difficult for me to survive without any money during such a crisis,” said Mo, a delivery worker. So I joined an organization as a delivery worker. ‘

“I worked 10 hours a day, even in the dead of winter,” he said.

‘Sometimes my hands hurt when I was carrying sacks of rice, pulses and other things. I couldn’t move my neck. Yet I have no regrets. This is my biggest achievement in helping people in this time of danger. ‘

Liu, a resident of Wuhan, said he had to buy vegetables at three times the price this year compared to last year. “The prices of all commodities have gone up or down,” he said. However, I have no complaints. This is a lot more for ordinary people like me to get the market at home in this day of danger.

Liu, a resident of Wuhan, said he had to buy vegetables at three times the price this year compared to last year. “The prices of all commodities have gone up or down,” he said. However, I have no complaints. This is a lot more for ordinary people like me to get the market sitting at home on this day of danger.

Korea is succeeding in the Corona war using technology


Depending on the technical expertise, South Korea is fighting against coronavirus. Korea’s digital platform or big data collection is extremely rich. Added to that is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Korean people are accustomed to working at a fast pace. As a result, the speed and efficiency of their work have increased several times. So far they have been leading the technology sector. Korean Samsung is competing with or slightly ahead of Apple in the United States. The dominance of Korean Samsung has been visible in technology countries like Japan.

Using big data analysis, artificial intelligence early warning assistance and intensive monitoring methods, South Korea has been able to bring the Corona panic under control in a very short period of time.

Most Korean people, including opposition political parties, believe that if foreigners, especially Chinese travelers, were initially controlled to come to Korea and restrict their travel to China, Korea would not be in such great danger.

The huge database of government-controlled BigData contains information on every Korean citizen and foreigner living abroad. This database is integrated with the systems of all types of service providers including government agencies, hospital services, financial services agencies, mobile phone operators.

Korea is battling coronavirus with data from reviews and analyzes of this integrated data warehouse. Various applications created with the help of Artificial Intelligence are helping to send real-time responses to this revolutionary data.

Whenever a positive positive is found, along with the travel details of the person, his activities of the past few days ম along with a map of the routes he has traveled on, all the mobile subscribers in the vicinity are getting notifications. These notifications are coming as a push on the mobile system. And when the notification comes, other activities including mobile calls are stopped. In other words, coronavirus notifications are being sent with utmost importance.

Through the mobile notification, the information about the whereabouts of the person affected by Corona in the last couple of weeks has also been sent to the government medical services. As a result, friends or relatives who meet or spend time with the infected person are also easily brought under the corona test. And the whole process is being completed quickly by artificial intelligence and data analytics. Every job including hospital, ambulance, mobile hospital or mobile test lab should be done as fast or appropriate as possible because of IT sector i.e. technical skills.

Korea’s groundbreaking drive-thru concept is being used to prevent coronavirus. A temporary corona detection lab has been set up that can be accessed by car. Collecting and testing blood samples while sitting in the car, the results are available within minutes. If infected, it is immediately separated. Many such drives have been labeled. In these labs, mobile operators are providing high speed 5G bandwidth.

Notifications are coming on mobile phones while driving on the road, where there is a drive-through lab nearby.

If a large building or complex is the residence or workplace of a Corona sufferer, a state-of-the-art mobile hospital with all facilities is being set up there. As a result, the corona of all the people in the whole building is going to be easily tested.

A review of artificial intelligence data reveals that people in potential locations are most at risk for coronary heart disease. Accordingly, immediate medical care is being ensured in the areas and precautionary measures are being taken as part of the precaution.

Ensuring the availability of all the necessary products including masks, maximum use of technology has also been ensured in case of proper marketing or distribution. As a result of some isolated incidents in the first few days, the government has made a policy very quickly. With the ID card, there is an opportunity to buy two masks from the nearest drug store, this information is coming in the system notification of the mobile or it can be seen through the app – detailed information of the nearest mask collector. The maximum number of masks that can be found is also being told.

Despite the panic for several weeks, the prices of rice, oil, baby food and other necessities have not gone up in Seoul.

Many countries do not have data in such a detailed and digital format or have adequate technology or logistical facilities. Ethnically, Korean people have an advantage in being quick to make decisions and act. Japan must also have data on all its citizens. But they decide a little slower. That is why Japan is struggling to cope. The Coronavirus war is probably proof that Korea has surpassed many other countries in the world in the field of technology and artificial intelligence.

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