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At present, it is seen that students who are studying are becoming more interested in doing freelance job than newly graduated children. They are doing work from home. These freelancers include programmers, information technology experts, architects, civil engineers, graphics designers, software and website developers.

The current situation shows that freelancing careers are in the best position in most of the decisions to build their own workplace. Because in this work there is freedom, the ability to identify one’s own qualifications as well as to increase one’s skills. And with the opportunity to earn a good amount.

Stephane Kasriel, CEO of Upwork, one of the most popular freelancing sites of the time, said:

Just as freelancing is creating countless jobs, it is possible to do well here without being under any organization.

Currently the freelancing sector is quite large. There are various types of work starting from article writing to coding, programming, graphics design. But if you are new to this sector, then maybe you are suffering from indecision in which sector of freelancing you can brighten your future.

Or maybe you’re already engaged in a variety of freelancing jobs. But I am interested to know what kind of workplace demand will increase in the freelancing market in the future and what kind of work skills need to be increased. If so, this article is for you. Here are the top 10 freelancing workplaces of our time.

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1. Natural Language Processing / API Development

Thanks to Amazon, Echo and Google, the demand for voice input assistants is on the rise. This sector of technology is not yet developed enough so there is a demand for a lot of freelancers for this job. The main function of natural language processing is to make human language intelligible to computers. This requires artificial intelligence and language skills. To do this you must study computer science and acquire the necessary skills.

2. Swift Development

Apple Corps has developed its product, the Apple Watch, through the Swift programming language. In 2016, Apple Watch sold a record number of other smartwatches in the market.

As the demand for this smart watch is high in the market, so there is a need for development to provide new features to the user. As a result, Apple has expressed a large demand for freelancers.

3. Social media management

Currently 80 percent of online work is done based on various social media. This has created a huge demand for freelancers for various social media related activities such as campaigning, SEO, advertising related work. Usually anyone with medium quality technical skills can be involved in this work.

4. Marketing web services

Integrated website API development facilitates easy delivery of information to customers, sorting, ordering and shipment.

Numerous companies are in need of skilled freelancers for this job to build various online shopping centers like Amazon. If you have enough skills on Python programming language you can work marketing web services.

5. Angular JavaScript development

With this skill you can develop mobile and desktop web applications with the help of HTML code. Especially since this skill is related to the framework of dynamic web applications, it is possible to earn a lot of money based on skills. According to last year’s report, it is possible to earn 1 million a year by developing Angular JavaScript.

6. MySQL programming

MySQL programming is currently the most popular open source database. Knowledge of various web scripting languages ​​as well as good skills in PHP is required for this job.

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7. Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing like Facebook has become quite popular with clients. Marketing in this social media of photo sharing requires medium quality technology skills. Currently, a freelancer can earn a maximum of 15 per hour by marketing Instagram.

8. Cloud Base API Development

SMS building, voice and texting messaging applications are primarily based on the Cloud Base API. Based on which communication platforms like Tylo have been developed. And the demand for freelancers is increasing day by day as it is a cloud based job. Now with cloud based API development you can earn 30 to 40 dollars per hour.

9. Machine learning

According to Upwork, the highest demand among data scientists is for machine learning engineers. Whether it’s freelancing or a permanent job, the market price of machine learning engineers has nothing new to say about it. At present, a machine learning engineer earns about 120,000 dollars a year.

10. Information Security

It is the job of an Information Security Analyst to store and secure information on various types of security analysis and cloud-based servicing. Although various organizations have hired permanent staff for this job, there is no shortage of demand for this job on the freelancing website.


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