The World Health Organization warns to young’s

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The World Health Organization (WHO) warns that young people are at risk of corona virus and should be wary of spreading the virus among adults through socializing or communication.

The World Health Organization Secretary-General Tedros Ghebreissas says young people’s actions can make a ‘difference between another person’s life and death’. The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that young people in many parts of the world are less likely to be aware of the virus because of its high risk of dying from the virus. The virus has so far killed more than 11,000 people worldwide. The virus has been identified in about 3 lakh people. Scientists believe that it is time to change the idea that older people are most at risk due to the coronavirus, after the release of some new statistics.

WHO’s new statistics

Preliminary data from coronavirus infections in the United States show that young people are not less likely to be infected with the coronavirus. The United States has not yet tested the virus to determine who is actually infected with the virus and how it is harming them. Previous statistics suggest that young people are relatively less likely to be infected with the coronavirus. But a recent report by the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that the risk of serious illness among young people may be higher than previously thought. The report looked at the first 2,500 cases of coronavirus infection in the United States. It found that 20% of those infected with the virus had to be hospitalized between the ages of 20 and 44 – and 36% between the ages of 20 and 54. It is true that the lion’s share of those who have died from Covid-19 are elderly. Globally, about 15% of those over the age of 65 have died from the virus. The rate is 0.2% for patients under 40 years of age. However, this does not mean that young people are not getting seriously ill with the virus. The CDC report indicates that the rate at which people in their twenties and thirties are hospitalized is not much lower than the rate at which people in their 50s or 60s are hospitalized.

World Health Organization warns to young’s

World Health Organization warns: Wash your hands as soon as you touch six things

The death march is increasing in Corona. No antidote to this terrible epidemic has yet been created. That is why everyone is being urged to be aware of certain cases. It is very important to always keep your hands clean to protect yourself from corona.
Use soap-water or hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean.
Every day we have to touch some things with our hands which can easily infect us. WHO says There are also six things that need to be washed with soap and water. This will make it easier to protect yourself from viruses, bacteria, and other germs.

Restaurant menu

When you go to eat at the restaurant, more or less everyone holds the menu by hand. One menu is used by many people. It contains millions of germs. From which you can easily get infected with the virus. So after touching the menu, you must wash your hands.


Part of our daily work is mobile screen or office biometric scanner. These carry germs. So wash your hands after touching these.


The money you are giving or taking has changed hands many times. And so it is normal to have various types of germs in it. Don’t forget to spit and count the money. After holding the money in your hand, you must disinfect your hand.

Car or door handle

Bacteria are found in the doors of public transport handles, shops, offices, elevators, homes, etc. So after touching these places, you must wash your hands.

Physicians and hospital supplies

Various patients come to a doctor. As a result, most of the things there may contain bacteria or germs. So, if you go to the doctor, then wash your hands.

Kitchen board

The kitchen is one of the places of germs. The kitchen board that is used to cut vegetables or fruits contains germs. Germs also live in sponges used to wash dishes. So be sure to wash your hands.

Be aware of corona prevention yourself, advise others to be aware. Only then can you be saved from the deadly coronavirus.


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