ThinkPad X1 Picture

ThinkPad X1 Fold | First folding screen computer

If there is a big change in consumer electronics products in 2020, then the folding screen must be on the list. From the Samsung...
Autonomous Vehicles picture

Autonomous Vehicles | Self driving cars

Imagine a world where all cars, buses and trains can operate on their own. No one, no bus driver, no train conductor, only smart...
PEGASI smart sleep glasses image

PEGASI smart sleep glasses save you from painful Insomnia

PEGASI smart sleep glasses: It is said that sleeping is the most important thing in life painful Insomnia. However, can you really sleep well...
Microsoft Surface Duo image

Microsoft Surface Duo | Dual-screen and multi-mode

In August, Microsoft officially announced the Surface Duo, the first Android mobile device. This device is equipped with two 5.6-inch screens, which can execute...
Smart mask image

Smart mask | Translate conversations into eight languages

The global spread of COVID-19, masks have become a necessity in everyone's life. However, wearing a mask inevitably makes communication difficult, not only unable...
japans-skydrive-flying-taxi picture

Japan’s SkyDrive car | Flying taxi in 2023

The future of flying to work may be closer to you and me. Toyota, NEC, Panasonic and many other Japanese giants co-sponsored SkyDrive, a...
picture digital segmentation

Digital segmentation | Socio-economic inequality

Digital segmentation refers to a socio-economic inequality where a particular person, family, business or people in a particular region are deprived of the use,...
Blockchain can make the government more efficient

Blockchain can make the government more efficient

In fact, when looking at the subversion of technology, you can’t just look at the technology, and ignore all the external factors, time-space background,...

Evolution of the Blockchain | Part-2

After part-1: The "autonomy" feature of the blockchain helps the government abandon the traditional "management-regulation" model and follow the "governance-service" concept. The so-called "autonomy"...

The devices with the mind | Computer technology

Despite the rapid development of electronics in the last few decades, there have been no changes in some respects since the first personal computer...

Digital Debit Credit Cards

Facebook launched Libra Stabitcoin earlier this year, and the move is likely to have an impact on the mixed global economy. But it also...

Drones like an insect

Incredible agility, such as the housefly and fruit fly, makes all robots and drones blush. But devices imitating them are finally catching up. The...

Clone yourself

Clone yourself as a 3D-Printed As a time-consuming recording method, "selfie" has become popular, but in the next decade, it will be a much bigger...


Nothing more futuristic than this new technology of the future: SpaceX and its self-driving vehicles ready for the space race. Today, the advances in...

Evolution of the Blockchain | Part-1

With the development of information technology and the rise of cyberspace, network behavior based on social media is becoming an important aspect of individual...

Vehicles, Smart Cities and Drones all are autonomous

With the help of 5G and Edge Computing, the anticipated advances in cars, drones, and smart cities are very important. Tesla, Nvidia, Intel, Qualcomm,...
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